Free Wi-Fi Spots in Portland

Portland is a major city in the United States of Oregon, sits on the great Columbia River. It is situated in the Pacific Northwest region. The city is a great tourist destination, offers vibrant city life, beautiful Oregon Coast, mountains and several other outdoor recreational activities.  There is a list of places where free Wi-Fi is available without a password, and it is easily accessible to the people. Let’s find what these places in the list below are.

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1. Planet Granite

Planet Granite is a fantastic place located at 1405 NW 14th Ave, Portland, provide multiple indoor fitness activities like climbing and yoga. They host outdoor hiking adventure, summer classes and internship for kids and adults. Indoor you can operate internet connection which is free Wi-Fi. For security or password information, the Planet Granite helpdesk will provide you the necessary aid.

2. Multnomah County Library

The Multnomah County library is situated in the northwest of Portland. If you are an avid book reader, then any public library is a heaven for you. Multnomah County Library is pleased to offer free Wi-Fi access at all Wi-Fi enabled devices. There is no password requirement, just follow the basic terms and connect to free public Wi-Fi service. The Wi-Fi is under the network name “Multcolibrary-Regional.”

3. Mill Creek Park

Mill Creek Park is a 10- acre extremely well-managed park located south of Portland. It is an ideal place for a picnic, sit in front of the pond and get some fresh air. The city council has provided the free public Wi-Fi services in Mill Creek Park too. It needed no password, and you can stay connected to your internet world.

4. Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport is the primary airport in the Oregon state connecting non-stop international flights to Canada, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom and many more. As per travel reports, 90% of traveler comes here in Portland each year. For free Wi-Fi usage, you just need to connect “flypdx,” read the terms and click “agree” and free Wi-fi is available.

5. Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is located at 1219 SW Park Ave, Portland. The Museum exhibits rich art culture. Also, it holds a significant place in American, European and Contemporary art. They host various art exhibitions, school tour and artist’s speeches. If you seek assistance from the Museum helpdesk regarding the free Wi-Fi, they will provide you the details.

6. Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s City of Books is located at 1005 W Burnside St, Portland. It is Portland’s largest used and new bookstore which offers free Wi-Fi service. They have a great collection of books. You can enjoy reading a book while sipping coffee at the same time enjoy unlimited internet access.

7. Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

The gourmet pub is located at 210 NW 11th Ave, Portland. The pub house is a popular destination for beer and some lip-smacking food. Free Wi-Fi is available when you enter the range. The password isn’t needed. 

8. Cascade Brewing Barrel House

They are one of the best in providing beer. People mostly enjoy the taproom for more beer. Free Wi-fi access is available at Cascade Brewing Barrel House. Apart from beer, they also are great in food delicacies.

9. Stammtisch

A German pub located at 401NE 28th Ave, Portland. You will get free restaurant Wi-Fi service with no password needed. They offer excellent and delicious food. You must try their lentil soup with pasta and pretzel from their menu.