Free Wi-Fi Spots in Porto

Porto, also known as Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal. Porto is one of Western Europe’s most respected tourist destination owing to its extensive history, tourist destinations and buzzing nightlife. The city has some of the most vibrant and fascinating hang out spots for tourists who visit from across the world. Old town, wine houses and scenic rooftops make it one of the most preferred option for tourists who come here to enjoy the elegant dinners and sunsets.Various tours and walks are often organized in the city for travelers and localites to experience the city from a completely refreshing perspective. The city also has excellent facilities for tourists including lot of free wifi hotspots across the city. We have listed below some of these hotspots:

1. Porto Airport

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The Porto Airport has excellent wifi with unlimited access for free. You simply have to connect your device to the network VINCI Airports wifi, enter your email ID, your country of residence. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you are connected to the internet and you can easily access the internet and surf your website. 

2. WiFi in Motion

Board any bus across Porto and you will get access to WiFi. So while you are in Porto you don’t have to worry about carrying your own hotspot to access internet on the road. With network of routers affixed to more than 600 municipal vehicles, Porto has the biggest Wi-Fi in motion network in the world.

3. Estação Ferroviária de Porto-São Bento

The Sao Bento Railway Station is 20th century railway station in the municipality of Porto, district of Porto. This station near vintage tram line 22 is also connected on metro line D with the Sao Bento metro station. The trains leaving from here have next station as Campanha and is the main terminus of Porto’s suburban railway lines and western terminus for the Douro line between Porto and Pochinho. It is located at Praça de Almeida Garrett, 4000-069 Porto, Portugal  and has free wifi facility for travellers. So if you are waiting to catch a train, simply enter your details and get connected to the network to access the internet.

4. CTT Aeroporto do Porto

CTT Correios or CTT Aeroporto do Porto is located at 4470-558 Moreira, Portugal and it is open only on business days. You can take the login details from the store managers, fill in the details and enjoy the seamless internet connectivity.

5. Arquivo Distrital do Porto

Arquivo Distrital do Porto or the Porto district Archieve is a public library located in Rua das Taipas 90, 4050-598 Porto, Portugal. You can access various books from the archives as it holds a great collection of documentation and books of huge importance. You can enjoy reading here or connect your device to the public wifi and work. Access mails, browse your favorite website or download, using this free wifi access.

6. Gema - Digital & New Media Marketing

A hub for Industry leaders & influencers in Smart Data Marketing, you will often find people from media and marketing hanging around. In case you are looking to network with this bunch and at the same time finish off some work, drop by here and access the free wi-fi. Located at Cais das Pedras 8, 2ºesq, 4050-465 frente, Portugal, it is a place that house experts on developing immersive and interactive experiences for events, brand activations and museums. Befriend the helpful team at Gema to access the internet!

7. Porto Cruz

Porto Cruz is located at Largo Miguel Bombarda 23, 4400-222 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. Explore the collection of wine and access the internet to finish off those last work emails or browse through some news and push some updates on your social media handles. Owned by La Martiniquaise which is France’s second largest spirits group, Porto Cruz is recognized as the biggest selling brand of port across the world. Drop by and experience the Porto wine and occasionally connect with the world using the free wifi. For login details, you can reach out the friendly cruz staff.