Free Wi-Fi Spots in Providence

The capital of Rhode Island is a populous city with rich history. The state's academic, cultural, and art scenes are vibrant and lively.  Tourist attractions include churches, museums, libraries, and parks. The city has shifted to a life science and technology based economy. There is no shortage of internet access hot spots in the downtown areas for the tech savvy generation. The Open wireless internet connectivity here is reliable and fast.

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1. Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History

Located in the park zoo at 1000 Elmwood Avenue, the museum also has a planetarium.  There are more than 250,000 cultural and natural objects on display here. Enthusiasts can stroll through the halls and catch sight of the exhibits. They can also catch up on social media and news using the internet hotspots. The Wi-Fi is free, but entry fee costs between $2 and $5. Working hours are 10 am to 4 pm, while children below 4 years of age have no entry fee.

2. First Unitarian Church of Providence

It is located at the corner of Benefit and Benevolent Streets in Providence city. The community here is loving, friendly and welcoming for strangers. Free Wi-Fi is a useful amenity in this neighbourhood particularly for visitors and guests. The church also runs special religious education programs for families and youth.

3. T. F. Green Airport

The public, international airport is a medium hub located in 2000 Post Rd., Warwick. The busy terminals serve millions of passengers every year. The Wi-Fi services have been upgraded through PVD Free and Boingo Free Networks.  The SSID is PVD_FREE and high speed wireless internet access is assured. The service is made available after a short 30 second advertisement at the beginning. Sit comfortably or walk around while checking the latest book titles or movie releases on the Smartphone.

4. James P Adams Library

The largest building on the Rhode Island Campus is located on Pleasant Ave. in North Providence. It is a large repository of print and online information, but is closed on weekends. The free Wi-Fi hotspots were added recently to facilitate public internet access. The reference desks are usually manned by current library school students and interns.

5. Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology

The Brown University's teaching museum encourages creativity and critical thinking. It is located on the 21st Prospect Street and has a 2000 square foot gallery. The museum is a hotbed of artistic activities and alluring artefacts. Visitors can access the free Wi-Fi while taking a break from watching all the exhibits and collections.