Free Wi-Fi Spots in Quito

Quito, formally known as San Francisco de Quito  is the capital city of Ecuador. A capital city high in the Andes, Quito is a beautiful combination of modern and historic architecture.Vibrant and sophisticated nightlife along with commercially advanced shops and busy traffic, that make it perfect day to work on a weekday and enjoy the city on weekends. The historic center of Quito has one of the largest, least-altered and best-preserved historic centers in the America, and is undoubtedly one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The attraction for tourist also invites viable facilities and easy to access connectivity support. There are various freely accessible wifi hotspots across the city, some of which are listed as below:

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1. Rose Cafe

Rose cafe is a free wifi coffee shop located at 1818 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129. The Rose Cafe-Restaurant is an iconic You can drop by on any of the weekday or weekend and park yourself in a nice corner to browse through internet. Enjoy coffee and pastries from their menu while you download using the wifi. The cafe staff is courteous and can help you with login details.

2. Quitumbe

A popular bus station of Ecuador, it is located at Av. 6 de Diciembre N 25-96 | Av. Colon and Pasaje Batallas, Quito 170150, Ecuador. This modern, new bus terminal is located at the Southern end of Quito. From here you can get to the Amazon, coast or any of the surrounding Mountain regions such as Baños and Cuenca. While you wait to catch the bus, you can also avail the wifi facility offered at terminal. Feel free to ask the terminal staff for the login details.

3. Radio Universal 95.3

The network name is SALA 3  and you can get the login details from the friendly staff at the studio. It is located in AV.ELOY ALFARO 5400 Y RÍO COCA, EDF. GAMA TV, P.2. So if you are around this area and are looking for easy access to internet, drop by to Radio Universal 95.3

4. Sukasa Scala

Located at ía Interocéanica km 12 ½ Vía Cumbayá, Quito 170902, Ecuador, Sukasa Scala is one of the busiest shopping malls of the city. You can indulge in some shopping and park yourself on a comfy chair to access the free internet at the shopping centre. The name of the network is SUKASA_JARDIN and can be accessed by visitors at the shopping complex. You do not need any password to access the free wifi.

5. Plaza Santa Maria

Plaza Santa Maria located at Sta María, Quito 170522, Ecuador offers free wifi along with an amazing shopping experience. Shop your heart out and remain connected to the internet when you visit here. The plaza also has various leisure activity areas that can help you in relaxing while you browse through the internet.

6. Westgate Shopping Center Starbucks

The Westgate Shopping Center Starbucks offers drip brewed coffee, espresso, other drinks and snacks. It also has free WiFi hotspot for all its customers to browse through their favorite websites while they enjoy their coffee. You can also do quick meetings, take skype calls or simply enjoy coffee while you work from this cafe in Westgate Shopping Center. Whether you are here for shopping or for work, you do not have to worry about snappy internet anymore. The cafe is located in 1600 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129.