Free Wi-Fi Spots in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro or Rio is the second most populous municipality of Brazil. Part of the city is delegated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Rio de Janeiro holds the second largest GDP in the country and is the 30th largest in the world. 

If you have visited the city or planning for a visit soon, the city has well equipped and quite efficient internet access even in the remote slums. Are you planning to visit this beautiful city soon? Or perhaps you want your travel with no worries regarding the data roaming prices? Make a visit to these places for free Wi-Fi access and high-class services. So, here is a list of various places from Rio de Janeiro offering free Wi-Fi access 

1. Galeão International Airport

The country’s second busiest airport and the main airport serving Rio de Janeiro also gives access to free Wi-Fi. A few terminals require the boarding pass number of the traveler as the password. So, if you are traveling from Galeão International Airport or have a connecting flight, enjoy the free high-speed Wi-Fi access here. 

2. Clube de Regatas do flamengo

If you are somewhere around Av. Borges de Medeiros, 997 (R. Gilberto Cardoso), do make a visit to this amazing Sports club. The place offers dance floors, clubs, bar, pool, saunas and what not. And to top the facilities, free Wi-Fi facility is available here. The Wi-Fi here does not require a password.

3. Ipanema beach

This place is located at Av. Vieira Souto. This beautiful beach offers free Wi-Fi access to its visitors. You can visit this place for an evening drink or for a sunbath in the morning. Now you can freely share live streaming and pictures from a nice beach day. The beach is loved for being a calm and spacious place than other beaches in the city. The internet can be a bit slow in speed at the place since the beach is mostly crowded.

4. Copacabana beach

Another beautiful and cozy beach, located at Av. Atlântica. It is one of the most famous beaches in the world and is popular for its 4 km long Balneario beach. This place also offers free Wi-Fi access. Rent an umbrella and carpet and enjoy the live music, volley soccer and the natural beauty with the free Wi-Fi access makes this place one of the most loved ones by the international visitors. 

5. Mamma Jamma

If you are somewhere around R. Saturnino de Brito, 50 and have a burning appetite, make a visit to this destination for amazing pizza and of course free Wi-Fi. The Wifi here is not password protected. This place is also famous for its pocket-friendly prices and authentic taste. So, pay a visit and enjoy unlimited internet service.

6. Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro

If you are a nature lover, this beautiful botanical garden at R. Jd. Botânico, 1008, is a must visit for you in Rio. This phenomenal place is actually a garden with numerous species. You can also spot tiny monkeys here. This place also offers Wi-Fi access for its visitors. You can connect your phone, tablet or laptop to enjoy unlimited free access. The place is great for a stroll. You can access Wi-Fi through any device and can enjoy the service.

7. Bar urca

Placed at R. Cândido Gaffree, 205, Bar urca offers the most exotic drinks and seafood. The place also gives free Wi-Fi access to its customers. You can enjoy hassle-free internet for as long as you are there at the place. The place has beautiful ambiance as well.

8. Grand Cru Barra

This wine bar is located at Av. das Américas, 7841, Bl. 1, Lj. 103. The place has the feature of free Wi-Fi access. The service is excellent here and you will always be helped to choose a right flavor for yourself. The Wifi here does not need a password to be accessed.

9. Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro

This beautiful clubhouse and harbor is a favorite destination to hang out with friends. The serene view is always pleasing to eyes. The place is at R. Pasteur, 333. You can enjoy the Wi-Fi facility here without a password. 

10. Jockey Club Brasileiro

This best in class place located at Pç. Santos Dumont, 31 offers multiple facilities with free Wi-Fi access. The place is highly standardized and serves grandeurs. You can enjoy a good horse race or can visit the restaurant and dance clubs with friends and family. The Wifi here is not password protected and you can enjoy unlimited internet access.