Free Wi-Fi Spots in Sao Paulo

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Located in the Southeast region of Brazil, São Paulo is an alpha global city in the country. This metropolis boasts plenty of the tallest skyscraper buildings such as North Tower, Edificio Italia and many others. From classic monuments, famous museums to lush green parks, this city has it all. São Paulo has 11th largest GDP in the world. This is a cosmopolitan city and is a home to the largest Italian, Arab and Japanese Diasporas.  Let’s get to know some of the famous Wi-Fi spots in São Paulo where travelers can access internet connection for free. 

1. Nakombi (Vila Olimpia)

This is a famous Japanese restaurant located at R Olimpiadas, 360 – 404 – Vila Olimpia, São Paulo. It is famed for serving lip smacking Japanese cuisines and for offering free Wi-Fi services to their guests. Their internet connection is very strong and is available throughout the restaurant. One can obtain the network details from the waiter or any of the staff members. Choose that network on your smart phone or laptop and get started.

2. Copão Paulista

Situated at R. Manuel da Nóbrega, 56 - Bela Vista, São Paulo, Copão Paulista is one of the famous snack bars in the city. This is a great place to enjoy variety of snacks along with the unrestricted internet connection. Here, guests can use high speed WI-FI services and that too at free of cost. Network details are required to access the network and the same can be obtained from the staff members. 

3. Sushiguen

This Japanese restaurant is yet another place to enjoy mouthwatering dishes and complimentary Wi-Fi services. This restaurant is mainly located at R. Manuel da Nóbrega, 76 - Loja 13 - Paraíso, São Paulo. Network connection is available throughout the restaurant. One can fetch Wi-Fi details from the one who is serving his dishes. Select their network on the smart phone and click to connect the same. 

4. Sofa Café Pinheiros

Placed at R. Bianchi Bertoldi, 130 - Pinheiros, São Paulo, Sofa Café Pinheiros is a cozy café located in this metropolis. Here, visitors can enjoy quick service, variety of coffee drinks and free WI-FI. Fetch the details of their network from any of their staff members and surf internet while sipping your favorite coffee. Travelers can enjoy internet services throughout the café and for as long as they want. 

5. Sao Paulo Gaurulhos International Airport 

Yet another place to enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi services in Sao Paulo is Sao Paulo Gaurulhos International airport. This is primarily located at Rod. Hélio Smidt, s/nº - Cumbica, Guarulhos – Sao Paulo. It offers free wireless internet services to the travelers under the network name GRU Free Wi-fi. One has to fill the registration form to access the network. As this is an open internet connection hence no password is required to establish the connection. Also, travelers will be able to use this free Wi-Fi for 240 minutes

6. Dona Vitamina

Dona Vitamina is a colorful fast food restaurant located at R. Mateus Grou, 152 - Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP. Here, guests can savor delicious smoothies, juices and sandwiches and can enjoy complimentary wireless internet services as well. Connection is strong and is available throughout the café. One can fetch its network information from the waiter who is serving your order. 

7. Octavio Cafe 

Pinpointed at Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 2996 - Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo – SP, Octavio Café is an upscale coffee shop offering light dishes and beans of their own production. It renders Wi-Fi services to their guests so that they can browse internet and stay connected with the world. In order to access the network, guests will have to complete the registration process and for this, they will need Brazilian CPF number. 

8. Mundo Mundano

Mundo Mundano is multipurpose place located at R. Mourato Coelho, 25, Pinheiros, Sao Paulo. This is a gallery, café, bookstore, cultural centre and magazine headquarters. In order to facilitate guests, this place offers free Wi-Fi services and that too at free of cost. Obtain the connection details from the staff members and can get connected to the world with case.

9. Santo Grão

This gourmet Brazilian coffee shop is located at R. Jerônimo da Veiga, 179 - Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP. Abundant power sockets, variety of coffee option and speedy Wi-Fi are some of its features. Ask the network name from the one who is serving your coffee and get started. Guests can use the same for as long as they want.

10. Oscar Bistro

Last but not the least spot where travelers can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi services in Sao Paulo is Oscar Bistro. This is primarily situated at 727, Rua Oscar Freire - Cerqueira César, São Paulo – SP. High Speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the cafe. Information related to its network name and password can be obtained from the waiter or any other staff member.