Free Wi-Fi Spots in San Antonio

With rich colonial heritage, the major city in south-central Texas is one of the most visited places in the United States. Plenty of tourists and travelers from across the globe love visiting the place because of its natural beauty and cultural diversity. From Santo Antonio river walks to Natural Bridge Caverns, you will find plenty of things to explore when you are in the city. 

Apart from being quite a hospitable place, Santo Antonio also offers free Wi-Fi to its people across the city. And if you are a traveler looking for some free Wi-Fi in order to connect yourself to the world of internet, there are free places you can turn yourself to:

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1. Freetail Brewing Company 

It's all about beer and fun. The Freetail Brewing Company is one of the most popular places to visit in Santo Antonio. The best part isn’t even the world class beer. It is the free Wi-Fi that you can get. All you have to do is start your Wi-Fi and look for the available hotspot signals around you. The password here is “freetail09” – all in lowercase. Looking for the address? Well, here it is – 4035 N Loop 1604 W (at NW Military Hwy), San Antonio, TX.

2. Pan American Branch Library

Located at 1122 Pyron Ave, San Antonio the Pan American Branch Library is one of the most favoured locations for the students and scholars to study. Along with different books to E-book collection, the Pan American Branch Library offers free Wi-Fi to the people who visit there. 

To connect it to the Wifi, turn on your device and connect it to your device. If you find the connection needs a password then you can ask the authority for the password. Connect the device and use the Wi-Fi for as long as you are there in the Library.

3. Bode Community Center

What could be better than keeping yourself fit and staying connected to the world at the same time? If you are looking for both of them then the Bode Community Center which is located at 5800 Old Highway 90 West will definitely serve your purpose. From Jumba to classes to various outdoor games, the Bode community center helps you to keep yourself fit and healthy. 

All you need to do is connect to the Wi-Fi which is by the name of the Bode Community Center. As the password keeps on changing regularly you need to ask for it in the helpdesk of the Community Center. Keep enjoying the free Wi-Fi as long as you are there in the Center.

4. Pearsall Park

The amazing park which is located at 4700 old Pearsall Road provides amazing recreational activities along with Free Internet. The Free Wi-Fi which is in the name of Park can be easily found once you open your Wifi on your device. As the connection is open, you do not need to enter any password to connect to it. 

The Internet can be accessed as much as a person wants but the strength and speed of the Internet Connection may vary from place to place inside the park.

5. Palm Height park

Located in 1201 W. Malone, The palm height Park is one of the favorite places for people and the tourists as well.  With Many outdoor exercise and different activities, the people can really spend some good time in the park. Along with that, the people can also get access to free Wi-Fi service in the park. The Wi-Fi which is named after the park can be accessed with the password. The password can be asked from the reception of the Park. Use the Wi-Fi service for as long as you are there in the park.