Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Santiago

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Santiago which is also known - “Santiago de Chile”, is the capital of Chile as well as one of the largest cities in the “Americas”. Most administrative centers are located in the region, including Chile International Airport, Arturo Merino Benitez. Santiago is recognized to be the place of population, Industries, and Administration etc.

Santiago became an attractive location for construction of high-rise buildings and Real estate began to evolve in huge. Big Companies and many Financial Corporations were settled in this area that gave a rise to the Modern Business Centre. For travelers, business immigrants and for industrialists to get connected with the world during their business purpose to be served, there are many free Wi-Fi spots available all across Santiago. This article introduces you to the most famous free Wi-Fi spots in Santiago.

1. “Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral_ Santiago Centro”

Opened in the year 2010, “the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center” is one of the most visited tourist spots for the city. The center has a spacious rooms that act as a perfect place for those who want to work in peace and without any disturbance. 

Apart from having spacious rooms, the center also has two theatres, an art library, recording studio, restaurant and five classrooms. And above all, you will get a free Wi-Fi here that doesn’t need any password. Just click on the hotspot and you will be connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot. 

2. “Café Literario Parque Bustamente and Balmaceda – Providencia”

“Santiago’s Literary Cafés “are the best place to work at. Cafés Bustamante & Balmaceda are the two structures, the best thing about which is their location. One lies among trees by the side of the “Mapocho River” and the other at the Centre of “Parquet Bustamante”. 

Both the Cafés house a coffee bar, library and serve beer too and a room for lectures. There are several classrooms too.

The places also offer a free Wi-Fi connectivity to the visitors, so that they can work with ease. You won’t need password to get connected, just click on the Wi-Fi hotspot and get connected.

3. “El Tavelli del Drugstore – Providencia”

“Tavelli” - a Santiago institution where you can find and buy items like pastries, ice-cream and tarts. Their store has outdoor space dedicated for smokers. Trendiest people from Santiago come over to hang out while enjoying the crowd. The place offers a free unlimited Wi-fi access to the users that doesn’t need a password. So, spend a few hours here to buy something exclusive and enjoy a high-speed internet for free. 

4. “Café Literario Mosqueto – Santiago Centro”

Mosqueto a pedestrianised street covered with leaves spread across the town, precisely a  minute walk away from “Plaza de Armas”.  It has free internet and great coffee that makes it a brilliant destination for the visitors. The silence of the street and localities around bring more peace.And another great thing is that you won’t need any password, just click on the Wi-Fi hotspot and get connected.

5. “Secret tip – most of the famous plazas in town”

A tour of Santiago by a research organization has seen a rapid growth of public wifi hotspots in the city - approximately 120 percent. They found plenty of free high-speed wireless networks for passersby “ Santiago’s “ neighborhoods. Now, to connect, find the network and connect without password.

6. PC125

This is located at Tomas Moro 1160, Las Condes, Region Metropolitana, Chile. This is a place populated with most of the visitors in Santiago. It offers free Wi-Fi to all its visitors. No password required, just click on the Wi-Fi hotspot and get connected.

7. MC Donald’s

Mc Donald’s is the most famous food junction for quick eaters. We find the place more populated and people enjoy the place with food & beverages with an amusing ambiance. The visitors can easily get connected to the Wifi spot by just one click. No password is required.

8. Cebicheria Peruana Brisas Del Mar Limitada

CebicheriaPeruanaBrisas Del Mar Limitada is one of most happening Restaurant. This is located at   Irarrázaval 4600, Santiago, Ñuñoa, RegiónMetropolitana, Chile. This restaurant is rated 4.5 out of 5 and ranked # 141 of 5026 restaurants in Santiago. This place remains occupied all the time with a various number of people enjoying their food and the best ambiance. This place does have a free Wi-Fi hotspot for their visitor. The amazing part is that No password required for connecting to it.

9. Biblioteca Municipal de Maipu

This is located at Alberto Llona 1921, Maipu Region, Metropolitana, Chile. Since this place is most public visited, it is very populated. This place offers a free Wi-Fi hotspot for their visitors. No password is required to get connected to the Wi-Fi network.

10. Plaza De Armas

Plaza De Armas is the centralized location for the government sector buildings. This location serves as the belt of Local Government. This is located in Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile. It offers free Wi-Fi to all its visitors. No password required, just click on the Wi-Fi hotspot and get connected.

11. Dentista Billy

This is located at Escuela Agricola 2469, Macul, Region Metropolitana, Chile. This place offers a free Wi-Fi hotspot for their visitors. No password is required to get connected to the Wi-Fi network.