Free Wi-Fi Spots in Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm and the most famous city in the Nordic Countries. The city is cultural, economically and politically influential and rich in heritage. The City is among the top 10 in Europe by GDP per capita income. Stockholm is situated on the south-central east coast of the country. There are several Wi-Fi spots around the city. Let’s find these places below in the list.

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1. Espresso House

An Amazing small café inspired by the Italian coffee and American coffee culture, which is spread across Sweden. A perfect place for the coffee lover and is located at Drottninggatan 18, Stockholm. Espresso House is a right place for free Wi-Fi too. Travelers enjoy sipping coffee and doing their work on the laptop by using their free Wi-Fi service.

2. Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is an international airport in Sweden which connects daily hundreds of international flights. The Airport also provides free Wi-Fi access which you can use for 3 hours and then you can always purchase by using your credit or debit card. To get the open connection, you must connect the network “Airport – Guest.” 

3. Vasamuseet Interglot

Vasamuseet Interglot is a movie theatre in Djurgarden, Stockholm. The entertainment spot offers free “Wiman” Wi-Fi internet. There is no password needed. You can use the internet as long as you want within the range.

4. Kajsas Fisk

Kajsas Fisk is a great restaurant that serves excellent food and famous for their fish soup and other classic Swedish fish courses. Inside you will find “Wiman free Wi-Fi network” eat, enjoy and use the internet freely connecting your friends and family, posting pictures of delicious food in social web pages.

5. Stockholm Visitor Center

If you are planning to visit or travel Stockholm, it is quite natural that you need a hand. Stockholm Visitor Center always welcomes you providing you with whatever information you need. The Visitor Center is located at Kulturhuset, Sergels Torg 3-5 103 27 Stockholm. It offers free Wi-Fi under the name “Stockholm Public.”  For password information, helpdesk can provide the details to the visitors.

6. Stockholm Central Station 

The Station was built in 1871. According to reports, 60 million passengers travel each year through Stockholm Central Station. Stockholm Central Station offers free Wi-Fi under the name “All Station Guest.” No password is required for the internet access.

7. Café foam

Café Foam in Stockholm is a friendly and dynamic café often visitors come here to enjoy coffee, snacks, breakfast, and lunch. The café is beautifully designed uniquely. Visitors relish food and free Wi-Fi service in the café.