Free Wi-Fi Spots in Vancouver

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Vancouver is among the densest and most ethnically diverse cities of Canada. Also, it is a very busy seaport in west coast in British Columbia. It is surrounded by mountains and is a famous spot for shooting. In quality of living, it has been ranked among top ten since five years. It is a beautiful place and you will find a lot of things to do here and a lot of breathtaking views for clicking amazing pictures. And not to worry, Vancouver also offers free wifi at many places to help you upload pictures, get your work done and stay connected to the world. Here are a few places where you can have access to Vancouver's free wifi.

1. West Gray Point Community Centre

Situated at 4397 W 2nd Ave, West Gray Point Community Centre has programs for people of all abilities and age. It was a carriage house formerly and is located near Locarno Beach. It has games rooms, youth centre, gym, fitness centre, computer lab and pottery studio along with playground and tennis court outside. Here you can also access the free wifi by Telus mobility. Just find the wifi with the name of vanwifi and click to connect. You don't need a password to login to the connection.

2. Vancouver Public Library - Kitsilano Branch

This is a small public library at 2425 Macdonald Street.  It has a good collection of books. The light is good and the staff is helpful. You can also browse reading stuffs at the library online using the free wifi it offers. Network ID is named VPL and the library is the service provider. You can just log in to the network without a password. The speed is good but the connection at such places aren't secured. So, you be careful about what you surf and send over the connection.

3. Second Beach Pool

 Second Beach Pool is situated at Stanley Park Dr. It is an outdoor heated pool that is located near the forest of Stanley Park and its beaches and trails. This a very scenic place and you will find many options of clicking pictures and creating videos. Also, you can upload them with the help of the free wifi by Telus Mobility at Second Pool Beach. Just search for the Network ID VanWiFi and click to connect. You don't need a password to connect to the wifi.

4. VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Botanical Garden is an all 55 acres of oasis at 5151 Oak Street, in the heart of Vancouver. It hlis the house of approximately 8000 species of plants from all over the world. Here you can spot wildlife and photograph them as well. You can also upload those photos instantly with the help.of their high speed free wifi by Telus Mobility. Just search for the wifi network named VanWiFi and click to connect. You don't need a password to connect to the wifi network.

5. 716 Smithe Street

If you are anywhere on the 716 Smithe Street and you need send an urgent mail, you don't need to worry. The place offers free wifi service by the name of VanWiFi in association with Shaw Telecommunications. You don't need a password for connecting to the network. Just a click and and you are ready to do some work, send pictures or make a video call over internet.

6. Burrard Civic Marina

Burrard Civic Marina is situated at 1655 Whyte Avenue, at the entrance of the false creek. It houses 423 water berths and 162 land storage spaces. It also has storage space for 69 kayak, canoe and paddle boats. Along with all those storage spaces, it also offers free wifi services in association with Telus Mobility. Its Network ID is vanWiFi and you don't need a password to connect to the network.

7. Vancouver Aquatic Centre

At 1050 Beach Avenue, downtown, Vancouver Aquatic Centre is  an indoor pool. It is naturally lit and as sunset beach near it.  It has lap lanes of 59 meters, weight rooms, a sauna, diving boards and towers and free wifi. Telus Mobility has provided the free wifi service at Vancouver Aquatic Centre. The name of the network is Vanwifi and it doesn't need a password to connect. Just find the network in your wifi connection, click and connect. And with that you are all set to surf the internet and post amazing pictures of you and the place.

8. Kitsilano Pool

This is another pool in Vancouver at 2305 Cornwall Avenue. This is a heated saltwater swimming pool which is 137 meters long having it has three slides and a cafe. The place has free wifi service provided by Telus Mobility. Just click on the network name and connect, it doesn't need a password.

9. False Creek Community Centre

False Creek Community Centre at 1318 Cartwright Street is a public recreation complex. The place features a pottery studio,  a gym, a canoe and kayak club among many other classes. You can not only learn and do things here but also record and upload it livestream it in no time with its free wifi. Just find the network VanWiFi and click to connect. It doesn't require a password.

10. Granville Square

It is a prominent tower in 200 Granville Street. It is one of the tallest building in the city with 152 meters high and 30 storeys. You can access the free wifi in and around the building with the name of VanWiFi. Shaw Telecommunications is the service provider and it doesn't need a password.