Free Wi-Fi Spots in Venice

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Venice is an Italian city which is considered to be the most beautiful city in the world. This place is extremely beautiful and its rich culture has been luring tourists since years. The city is capital of Veneto region in Italy. It is one of those places where tourists from various countries visit to experience and witness the admirable scenes of the nature. The lake here is so captivating and rejuvenating that it will help you feel completely refreshed. If you are planning to visit here and want to know about the places where you should visit so as to get appropriate internet connectivity for free, then there are a few places that offer free Wi-Fi to the users to help them connected to world. 

1. Tocaya Organica- Venice

It is a Mexican restaurant where you can rejoice yourself with your friends and family have good quality meal to eat and at the same time you can use their free Wi-Fi services on your mobile phones and laptops. You don’t require any password to get access to this facility. All you need to do is to visit there and look at the notification it pops up on your screen about the point name. 

2. TOMS flagship

It is a good and reputed shoe stores where you can get all best quality shoes collection. They also give free Wi-Fi services but you need to use “tomsoneforone”, as the password to get access to their internet. 

3. Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

It is a place for the ones who love to have coffee. You will enjoy the taste of the coffees they serve. The place is equipped with free Wi-Fi and no password requirement. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly. So enjoy the fresh coffee and the unlimited internet to share your pics on the social media. 

4. Deus Ex Machina

Another café for you! They too serve food with good taste and services. The Wifi here is high at speed you will simply love the atmosphere of this café. They have good staff to serve you at Venice. Just keep your device’s Wifi on, and you will be connected automatically to the network. 

5. Whole Food Market

As one of the most popular grocery stores in the area, this is a famous spot for the tourists. It also has free Wi-Fi service equipped for their customers with no password. You can use unlimited data access provided while you visit the place to do shopping.