Free Wi-Fi Spots in Vienna

  • UPDATED Aug 01, 2018

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Vienna is one of the primary cities of Austria, being the federal capital and the largest city. This place is known for its imperial palaces such as Schönbrunn, the Habsburgs’ summer residence. Vienna has launched its first Musikverein festival on May 06, 2018. It offers a range of action-packed mountain biking trails, treetop climbings. Though Vienna is small in the area but large in population. Vienna has some spots that offer free wifi to its travelers so that they can enjoy internet services without any cost:

1. City Hall Square

Located on Rathausplatz in the Innere Stadt district, ice of it is the of the Mayor of Vienna. If you are a night lover who enjoys culture along with food, City Hall Square is definitely the place for you. From June to September it becomes a vibrant place. This place offers free wifi which is not password protected.

2. Stephansplatz

The Stephansplatz is one of the squares at the geographical center of Vienna. Located at 2, 1010 Wien, Austria, it is said to be the tallest churches in the world. It is a beautiful place with restaurants and bars around you can relax and pause your walking. This is also a must visit considering this is the main point of the city. If your device is wifi enabled , you can access internet for 8 hours . After this you have to register again for gutter access. But no password is required for accessing internet .

3. Naschmarkt

Located at 510, 1060 Vienna, it is one of the popular markets in Vienna. This is the most famous and luxurious food and produces market in Vienna. No doubt, Naschmarkt is the best place in the city for daily shopping as well as for leisure of visitors. To connect to this place wifi you need to connect to “Freewave” and launch your web browser, the page automatically gets connected.

4. Danube Island

Danube Island is one of those islands located in Central Vienna that lie between the Danube river and an excavated channel. If you want to indulge in Boating or bathing or cycling or skating or enjoying a picnic, this place is a must visit. All you require to get connected to wifi here is accepting the terms of use. In order to provide the same quality to all users, bandwidth and data volumes are limited.

5. Prater

Another must visit is this large public park called Prater in Vienna’s 2nd district. This is an amusement park that is located in 1020 Vienna. This becomes Oasis of greenery for everyone i.e. the location of one of the famous symbols of Vienna, the Giant Ferris Wheel. You can access free wifi here by connecting to the available open network and no password is required for the same.

6. St. Stephens Cathedral

St. Stephens Cathedral, as the name suggests, is a Church in Vienna. When visiting Vienna, don’t miss to visit this place. It is considered as the mother church of Roman Catholics. This Church is also the symbol of Vienna. Although it was constructed in the 12th Century, it is still one of those important Gothic Churches of Austria. The interior of St. Stephens has been changing over a period of time. As many as a total of around 13 bells are hung here. For getting connected to the wifi here, which is an added advantage, you need to click on the network using your wifi enabled device and enjoy uninterrupted wifi.

7. Cafe Pruckel

Located in Stubenring 24, 1010 Wien, this cafe in Vienna offers you a Viennese cuisine & also homemade pastries. Cafe Pruckel is sure to be considered as it serves authentic dishes that have been long enjoyed by Viennese diners. This cafe gives you the taste of real Vienna. You can sit, eat and relax. An added advantage in this cafe is the free wifi they provide. For connecting to the wifi here, you need to connect to the network “Freewave” and launch the web browser. Freewave welcome page appears then Click on connect and thus you can start enjoying the services without charge.

8. Vienna Westbahnhof Station

One of the major Austrian railway stations in Vienna is Westbahnhof Station. It is considered to be one of the largest stations in Vienna. It is basically the starting point of railway corridor of Austrian Westbahn. 

Connecting to free wifi of the station is easy . Look for “freeware” named network and then launch your browser. On the welcome page that appears, click on connect to get going .

9. Burggarten

Burggarten is a beautiful garden that is usually open from the month of April and continues till October from 6:00 to 22:00 o’clock and is also available in November from 7 to 17.30 in the evening. It is located in Opernring, 1010 Wien. There are a number of monuments in the park, also a fountain with a statue that depicts Hercules fighting with a lion.  Connect to the WLAN network here through your internet enabled devices like Smartphones or your notebook computers. As and when connection is established, landing page will automatically get displayed, so you do not need a password for this.

10. Café Sperl

Cafe Sperl is located at Gumpendorfer Straße 11. It is a kind of traditional cafe in Vienna. It offers you a variety of homemade pastries along with some regular live music. The garden at the Cafe makes its atmosphere rejuvenating . This Café is a Charming one that is far away from the tourist routes. Do visit this Cafe for a great experience. As far as wifi is concerned, apart from tourist spots this café also provides a free wifi. No Password is required for the same. You can get easily connected to the wifi.