Free Wi-Fi Spots in Warsaw

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Of late, Warsaw is turning out to be a digital hub. The city is attracting business from all over the world and has a range of free wifi networks to offer. So, you must be dying to know where can you get free wifi. Here is a list of the places where you can access free wifi and that does not include places where you have to order something just for using the wifi. The list constitutes of the places where you can have the free wifi without spending a dime.

1. Old Town Market Square

It is ironic that the old town of Warsaw is more modern than any other part of the city. To get to know the points where you can access free and fast wifi you will have to get familiar to the city. But when at old town go to the market square, look for the network name UMW Warszawa. Then submit your email id to login to the network. Now you are all set to click and upload the pictures of your vacation without spending anything at all on your internet.

2. Plac Unii Shopping Centre

Ir is a three storey shopping centre at plac Unii Lubelskiej, Puławska 2. Apart from shopping it also offers free wifi. As you enter the building, you will get a notification of the available wifi network. You just have to click on the network name. It is easy and doesn't require a password. You can also access the free wifi in the food court downstairs.

3. Galeria Wilenska

In and around Dworzec, Galeria Wileńska ia the best place for accessing free wifi in the district of Praga. Galeria Wileńska is a modern shopping mall of five storeys. However, since the top two floors have offices, you can access the wifi only till three floors. You can see the available network in your list of wifi network. Just click and connect, free and easy.

4. Chopin Airport

Chopin airport is the main airport in Warsaw. And you can't be bored while you are at the airport. You can click on the network name that is same as the airport. All you have to do is enter your email address. Sometimes you might need to refresh your page every 30 minutes. But mostly it runs smoothly and is fast.

5. Central Train Station Warsaw

It is the main train station of Warsaw. While you wait for your train, you can access the free wifi. You can access the free wifi inside the main hall and at every platform. However, once you login, the network works for 29 minutes and then you need to login again.Apart from this one little thing, it works fine.

6. Public Buses

If you are not a local, it will take some time in getting used to it. The good news is most of the buses in the city are equipped with free wifi. Although it has a little weak signal and slow speed, yet it is a good way to be online without any cost while you are traveling the distances.

7. Koleje Mazowieckie

Along with an underground metro system, an extensive bus network and tram network, Warsaw also has regular trains. Among over 20 train stations, Koleje Mazowieckie runs trains to the airports and through the cities. These trains have free, fast and easy access network of wifi. You can login without password. Some seats on the train also have tables. So, you can also get some work done.

8. Zlote Tarasy

 Zlote Tarasy is yet another shopping centre. It means Golden Terrace and is swanky. This mall with the artistic roof is situated at Zlota 59, right beside the central train station of Warsaw. The mall is expensive and exclusive and offers free wifi. Just look for the notification of available wifi network. It is open and hence you won't require a password.

9. Tram And Bus Stops

While you are waiting for the tram or a bus at the stop, it gets annoying when they take their own sweet time in arriving. Well, not in Warsaw. Here you can pass your time on their free wifi services. Just connect to the network using your email id ams have fun even while waiting and don't forget to board your tram or bus.

10. Pawilony

Pawilony is a bar zone at Nowy Świat 22/28 and is situated down a pokey alleyway. It has around tightly packed 15 bars in a cozy enclosure. And in every bar you can find the free wifi of Pawilony. Just check for the free and open network and you can connect in a click.