Free Wi-Fi Spots in Zurich

Zurich is a city in Switzerland also it is largest of all the cities in the country. It is the capital city of Canton of Zurich. The city is in the north-central location of Switzerland. It is a global city and one of the most popular financial centers worldwide. Being in Switzerland, it is blessed with beautiful sceneries and places which attract tourists to Zurich.

You just need to know the point name and password (if there) to get connected. After you get access you can use it for whatever work you wish to do over your phones or laptops.

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1. Starbucks 

It is known worldwide for the quality of food it serves to the people. Also with the refreshment, you will be facilitated with free Wi-Fi services here. All you have to do is to get your mobile phone connected to the network which is enabled for internet connectivity. Then you can have unlimited access to the internet and do anything on the web. The address is Seestrasse 19.

2. D-Vino 

Art and entertainment are the basis of this place, here too you can get free Wi-Fi using password Wein01Ip. This place is at Seefeldstrasse 113.

3. Grande Cafe & bar

You can have exotic coffee here at reasonable price. You will love the taste of coffee and also it has a bar inside so if you are in love with bars then this one place will be optimum for you. Also, get high speed and free Wi-Fi connection. This place is at Limmatquai 118. The password you need to enter is Grande3000.

4. Restaurant Linde

If you are at Aathalstrasse 50 or nearby you can choose this place for free Wi-Fi. It is a good restaurant where you will surely enjoy the meals they serve. You will have to use a password to access this service. The password is LindeUster1.

Apart from the natural beauty, it is also adorned with technology. So, you will experience best days if you are in Zurich.While being in Zurich, if you want free Wi-Fi services, then there are numerous public places to visit. But make sure the Wi-Fi you get connected to is free else you will have to pay bills for it. In the city, you can spot various restaurants, Cafes, hotels, etc where free Wi-Fi services are available to the customers and visitors.