Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Syracuse

In the age of Technology, staying connected to the world is what everyone wants. Right from receiving an important piece of information to sending a message to your loved one, a good internet connection can help you to achieve your work. 

Here are a few places where you can get free Wi-Fi hotspot.

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1. Roosevelt Square

Located in the 15 E Genesee Street of New York the Roosevelt Square free Wi-Fi is hosted by the Buffalo Urban League. One can just turn on the Wi-Fi on his device and connect to the Wi-Fi in the name of “Buffalo Urban League” in Roosevelt Square and get the access to the Internet. You do not need any password to connect to the Internet. You can Use the free Wi-Fi as long as you are there but your Internet Speed will slow down if you use it for a long time.

2. Rosamond Gifford Zoo

If you are traveling with you Children then the Rosamond Gifford Zoo is one of the best locations for you to visit with your children. Along with the children, the adult can also be busy with the Fee Wi-Fi which is provided in the Zoo. Find the Wi-Fi which is under the name of the zoo. If you are finding it hard to connect then you can ask for the password in the reception of the Zoo. The Wi-Fi can be used as long as a person is inside the office premises. 

3. Milton J Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology.

Located in the Armory Square of Downtown Syracuse, New York the Milton J Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology is one of the most famous destinations for tourist. Commonly known as MOST, the place offers free Wi-Fi for the tourist. The Wi-Fi which is named after the MOST can be found as soon as you turn on your Wi-Fi in your phone or any device. You can get access to the Internet as long as you are there in the Museum and get your work done. You can get the Wi-Fi password in the help desk of the museum.

4. The Oncenter War Memorial Arena

If you are looking for something along with free Internet then Oncenter War Memorial Arena is the right place for you. The War Memorial Arena which is a multi-purpose Arena provides free Wi-Fi to the people who visit the place. The Wi-Fi which is named after the arena can be found easily by anyone. Take the service of the Free Wi-Fi from the Arena until the time you are there. As the Wi-Fi is an open Wifi you do not need any password to take the service of Wi-Fi.

5. Everson Museum of Art

Everson Museum of Art is one of the famous destinations for the tourist to see the extemporary art. Along with beautiful Arts and craft, tourist can also get access to the free Wi-Fi provided by the authority of the Museum. Once you enter the Museum you can get find the Wi-Fi named after the Museum. If you find the Wi-Fi is protected with password then you may approach the Helpdesk to find get the password for you and you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi service as long as you are inside the Museum.