Free Wi-Fi Spots in Malaga

One of the most beautiful port city on Southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, Malaga is an ideal destination for every nomad. It is the second-most populous city of Andalusia and takes great pride in its history and unmatched youthful energy. In the last decade the city has not only progressed in terms of infrastructure, but has also built solid grounds to attract more opportunity through tourism. The city has a number of free wifi hotspots for hassle free connectivity for tourists that visit yearlong from across the world. Below are some of the popular hotspot locations:

1. Malaga Airport

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If you are traveler, you must be definitely someone who checks out the internet as soon as you enter any foreign land starting right from the airport. But don’t worry! You won’t be disappointed when you enter Malaga airport. As soon as you enter the airport, you will find signals of free wifi that you can connect to with the help of airport staff. The airport has unlimited wifi throughout the terminals with varying signal range. But the good part is that it is still good enough for you to do some quick browsing, chat or check some quick emails. 

2. Malaga Buses

Wifi in Malaga has become one of the most basic facilities for its citizens as well as for its tourists. People do not want to disconnect from the wifi at home and want to connect with wifi as soon as they step out. Owing to this, almost 65 of the buses are offering free wifi. Even some of the blue EMT buses in Malaga have wifi access for passengers. You can check the wifi and connect to network titled Emtmalaga to enjoy the free internet on bus rides across the city. There is also a bus service that operates between Malaga airport and the city centre. You can get in the bus while you travel and do work.

3. Malaga Hotels and Restaurants

Nearly every hotel and restaurants in Malaga offers free wifi to their customers. It is no more a choice, but has become a need for wifi. Travelers now consider internet as a mandatory service for all its customers. Conveniently, some hotels even provide their clients with a mini router to use while they’re out and about in Malaga. Even the new bars and cafes like BrunchIt in Calle Carretería and La Bella Julieta in Puerta Nueva have free internet access, You can easily ask the support staff at the venue for wifi accessibility.

4. Mama's Restaurante Kebab

This popular restaurant located at Calle Martínez de la Rosa, 100, 29010 Málaga, Spain offers free wifi along with a delightful customer experience. Enjoy free wifi while you taste the delicacies from their menu. Whether it's work or some leisure activity, you can simply drop by and find just the right place to spend some time browsing without having to worry about the internet and no hassle of carrying your hotspot everywhere.

5. Tryp Guadalmar

Tryp Guadalmar or Sol Guadalmar Hotel is located at Urbanización Guadalmar, Calle Moby Dick, 2, 29004 Málaga, Spain. The place has some of the most popular facilities including parking, swimming pool, free WiFi, outdoor pool, beachfront, family rooms and bar. A perfect getaway for weekends, this is just the place to laze around and spend your holidays. Occasional work is backed up by their excellent wifi connectivity offered for free to all its guests.

6. Vialia Centro Comercial

Vialia Centro Comercial is one of the most popular shopping complex located at Explanada de la Estación, s/n, 29002 Málaga, Spain. Supremely well located, you can spend your time here shopping or enjoying food at some of the popular eateries while you enjoy the speedy and free wifi at the complex.

Make sure you access all the public wifi hotspots only if they have secure network. Do not do any transactions or money transfers using public hotspot. Also avoid any kind of digital activity that would put your privacy at risk.