Most Friendliest And Unfriendliest Cities In USA

By Niraj Kakade on Sep 29, 2016
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If you’re planning to visit US anytime soon, hold your horses! You might want to know where you might get mugged in the back of the alley or where you’ll have the best night out of your life. But how can you possibly know that? Don’t you worry we’ve got your back! We bring you a list of Top 10 Friendly and Unfriendly cities in the USA. (5 each because we’re lazy) 

Unfriendliest Cities in USA

1. Baltimore, Maryland 

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The Wire might be your favorite TV show but that doesn't mean that Baltimore should be on top of your favorite cities list. Perhaps it's a city you need to know well in order to enjoy it. But if you're really adamant on touring the city go with someone who has been or really do your research. Some popular places to visit include the Federal Hill Market and the Oysrer Bar. After all everyone loves oysters in Baltimore.

2. Los Angeles, California 

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Certainly a case of all that glitter isn't gold. L.A might look very fancy from the outside, but it doesn't make up for its lack of character. From being labeled as "plastic, dirty and downright crowded" to being "filled with snobbish people." Add to that the restaurant prices and Downtown L.A. doesn't help its case either. But hey maybe it takes a different kind of person to take in all that California love. 
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3. Newark, New Jersey

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Newark may sound like someone badly spelled New York, but it is far off from the later city. It has also won numerous for being the least friendly city in the country, something which no one should be proud of. The gloomy weather and the overall sad vibe of the city doesn’t help it’s case either.

4. New Haven, Connecticut 

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The city of New Haven doesn’t have much to offer besides some prestigious universities and Ivy League private schools. The city is often described as uo;tired” and uo;spiritless” by locals and tourists alike.

5. Hartford, Connecticut 

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Connecticut’s capital shuts down every night before 11, doesn’t sound so much fun, does it? The dreary and cold weather doesn’t help either. Hartford seriously needs a face-lift from its boring old grey buildings and lifeless streets. But not everything is bad; the food industry here is quite on a rise creating buzz across the country. The food festival has started to attract a larger crowd every year. The times are changing for Hartford. 

Friendliest Cities in USA

1. New Orleans, Louisiana 

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New Orleans  was one of the many towns which were affected by Hurricane Katrina. After 10 long years the city of New Orleans is still vibrant with extraordinary culture. The yearlong parties and the amazing jazz fests continue to grow on in the city. It is true when they say New Orleans have an irrepressible spirit.

2. Nashville, Tennessee

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You won’t find the warm southern hospitality anywhere than here at Nashville, Tennessee. It also hosts some of the delicious steak houses and barbeques in the country. Plus who doesn’t like country music?
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3. Fort Worth, Texas

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Now who wouldn’t like Cowboys with good manners? The city of Forth Worth is as laid back as they come. The friendly neighborhood barbeques and country music fests just keep the cities spirit alive. The museums are free to visit. It can also be argued that Forth Worth may even have a slight edge over its neighbor Dallas.

4. Asheville, North Carolina 

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Asheville is known to be quite a spiritual city. The examples of it can be seen from having a conversation with some of the locals. This city will also make you feel young and groovy again with its lively music scene. There are many events organized in the Pritchard Park every Friday. You know what you have to do next weekend now.

5. Burlington, Vermont 

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Burlington is a very popular college town, but it is also very laid back and relaxing at the same time. There are many bars to choose from, some of them make amazing locally brewed beer. It is also a very outdoorsy town with tons of biking paths and hiking trails which will take you in the outskirts of the city and into the woods.
We hope you choose the right destination!
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