The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Travel Guide

  • UPDATED Apr 12, 2018

We All want it; the perfect road-trip with Friends. A trip to cherish, a vacation to remember! But planning a trip is not an easy task; especially when you have friends with diverse opinions, different interests and dissimilar styles!

To make it easy, we’ve chalked out a perfect plan for your trip with your F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

If you have a friend like Chandler

This guy has a funny take on almost everything, he will never let go a single chance to express his witty sarcasm that is real, straight to the point and downright funny!

He won’t like the company of bunch of strangers, because he’ll start making uncomfortable jokes.

TripHobo For Chandler:

Platform to create personalized itineraries that offer customization. He can add destinations that he wants to go to, with the people he likes!

If you have a friend like Joey

The guy who doesn’t share food! The guy who is a hot favourite among women! He will be home-sick the moment he leaves his place! But if there are two pizzas, he’ll be more than happy! 

TripHobo For Joey:

Fun tours and activities so that he doesn’t miss his home, is well-fed and happy!

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If you have a friend like Monica

She is the master of organisational techniques and loves to have everything planned, at military hours. Perfect execution of plans is what makes Monica happy!

TripHobo For Monica: 

Crisp itineraries, Up-to date logistics and Detailed layout of trip plans! 

If you have a friend like Phoebe

She is fun, she is quirky; she is full of life! Outgoing and flaky, Phoebe takes complicated things with an easy approach and vice-a-versa. Not picky, she can agree to the plans others make for her!

TripHobo For Phoebe:

200,000+ itineraries created by fellow travellers!

If you have a friend like Ross

The geek of the group, Ross likes dinosaurs more than anything else in the world! Unlike others, he can go on and on wandering in museums and would appreciate an educational, guided tour to the best museums across the world!

TripHobo For Ross:

Skip-the line, guided tours for Ross, So that he doesn’t miss out on anything!      

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If you have a friend like Rachel

A spoilt daddy’s girl, Rachel is a fan of everything fancy! When on a vacation, the thing she will look-out for is the hotel room, its view and the amenities that will pamper her!

TripHobo For Rachel:

Luxury hotels for Rachel; So that she can feel like a queen!

If you have a bunch of these crazy people around that you would love going on a trip with; use TripHobo and create flawless trip plans that suits all!