Fun Activities To Do In Mumbai On Independence Day

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
This 15th August India will be celebrating its 69 years of Independence will full enthusiasm and much grandeur. Lots of years have passed since the period when we, the very children of India, were bound by restrictions and had to live a life dictated to us by some foreigners. Special permissions were required to enter some buildings, restaurants and even hill stations! In our very own Motherland!
Though times have passed and much has changed over the years, one thing still remains the same. We are still bound by various restrictions, though of a different kind now. We let our laziness, busy schedule, jobs and excuses come in the way of pure and unadulterated wanderlust. So this 15th, do something a little different, head outside without a particular aim, go on and explore ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ the way it was meant to be! Here are a few pointers for fun things to do in Mumbai this Independence Day which is sure to leave you astounded!
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Sight The Stars


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The city of Mumbai is synonymous with Bollywood and a specially guided tour is the perfect way to enjoy a couple of hours taking in the intricacies involved in the film-making process. You will be taken to visit shooting sights, made to interact with the technicians and artists and watch a live shooting as well! Also if you are lucky enough, you might just be able to click a few selfies with your favourite superstars!
Live Show Tour - Mumbai

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The Taste Of Mumbai

The only thing that can probably give a tough competition to the glamour of Bollywood in Mumbai is the tantalizingly delicious street food available at almost every nook and cranny here. Eat your way through popular dishes like pani puri, Bombay toast and dosa followed by sweets like jalebi, ladoo and rasgulla. You might also catch a sight of some famous celebrity, gobbling down a pani puri from one of their favourite shops in Bandra!
Mumbai Masala Best.Day.Ever.

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Bollywood Bound


Probably the best tour for die hard movie aficionados, the Bollywood Dream Tour will take you to a Bollywood studio, show a documentary that explains the history of the famed film industry and also include a visit to a real dubbing studio! You can learn what actually goes into the making of a movie and have some great fun at dubbing famous Bollywood dialogues. If singing is your passion then you can even give it a go in the fully equipped studio. Heck, who knows what might happen? *wink*
Bollywood Dream Tour

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Mumbai in a Nutshell

The day-long tour of Mumbai will reveal the glitz and glamour of the famous ‘Mayanagri’ to you and probably explain why people who visit it once are allured by it forever! Apart from showing the famous landmarks like Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Victoria Terminus and many more, the tour will also showcase all aspects of the city like the coastline, commute and the geographical layout.
Private Full-Day Sightseeing Tour of Mumbai

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Snacking Through Mumbai


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Explore the lanes of Mumbai for a marvelous mixture of mouth-watering cuisine and thousands of untold stories. Your guide will take you to some of the best street food stalls in Mumbai, famous for their sumptuous dishes! Along with that, you will also be shown some of the best spots to shop for Indian jewelry, dress materials and other accessories.
Mumbai Street Food Tour

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Bang Into Bollywood

The best way to explain Mumbai, India and in fact the World’s obsession with Bollywood is probably by making you a part of the bandwagon. This tour will take you past the houses of some of the biggest celebrities, where you can witness hundreds of excited fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. Then a movie at one of the original multiplexes in Mumbai will make you realize how faithfully people are devoted to their cinema and the actors! The excitement and buzz are sure to get you all charged up and make you wiser about the obsession called Bollywood.
Bollywood Treats Best.Day.Ever.

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How Do They Do It?


With this fully guided tour you will be able to get a clear view of the dabbawalas working their magic around the clock, delivering almost 175,000 packages in a matter of hours. Their precision and efficiency is legendary, making them a research subject for various universities and organizations. Apart from this excellent tour, you can also catch a sight of the ancient laundry at Dhobhighat!
Dabbawala Tour - The Art of Delivering Lunch Box

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Did you have fun exploring this list of awesome tours and activities to do in Mumbai  for the upcoming Independence Day? Make the most of the upcoming long weekend and don’t forget to have a blast! Jai Hind!
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