Fun Activities To Do In Bangalore This Independence Day - Explore The Unexplored

With 15th August fast approaching India will be busy celebrating its 70th Independence Day from the British Raj! Our ancestors gave up everything to earn freedom for our Motherland, and it is because of their dedicated efforts that we are able to enjoy our lives as free citizens of India. We have the independence to live, dream and move like we want to, without any interference or restrictions bounding us.
So this Independence Day instead of whiling away your time in your bed or in front of the idiot box, why not go out and explore the very land our heroes spilt their blood for? Celebrate your independence to travel this 15th and in fact book tours suited for you and by you!
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A Tryst With Bengaluru


What better way to learn about ‘namma Bengaluru’ than taking a luxurious stroll through the markets, temples, palaces and other important attractions? The Bangalore Heritage Walk will give you a sneak-peak into the rich culture and history of this magnificent city and probably make you further fall in love with it!
Bangalore Heritage Walk

The Bangalore You Never Knew

Perfect for cycling enthusiasts and people interested in finding out more about Bangalore’s rich and glorious past, the Bygone Bangalore Tour will surely prove to be informative while being thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. Ride through important historical, cultural and artistic places all over the city and soak in the memorable experiences thoroughly!

Bygone Bangalore City Tour

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The Beauties of Colonial Bangalore


Traverse through Bangalore’s pre-Independence era with the Colonial Church Tour which allows you to cycle in the pleasant weather through the city while exploring five beautiful churches from the colonial past. To keep you charged up for all the pedaling during the tour a yummy breakfast at one of Bangalore’s most iconic restaurants, Koshy’s, is also pre-included in the tour! 

Bangalore Colonial Church Tour
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Wonders of Mysore

The Mysore City Tour is a perfect combination of hiking, sightseeing and lazy strolling around the Sandalwood City. The tour will guide you through silk factories, the magnificent Mysore Palace, interact with the stone sculptors whose ancestors worked on the very palace and finally end the day by shopping and stuffing yourself at the shops on Devaraja Market and Food Street. Mysore is sure to delight you with its various wonderful treats.
Mysore City Tour
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A Holy and Healthy Affair


Satiate your spiritual as well as epicurean hunger with the fabulous Temple and Breakfast City Tour. Pay your respects at the various ancient temples of Bangalore and enjoy hogging mouth-watering dishes at the very famous MTR and Vidyarthi Bhavan. The pleasant weather and excitement of various upcoming attractions make the bicycle tour even more enjoyable and surreal.
Temple and Breakfast City Tour
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Ride & Shine

If you are looking for a day long fun-filled activity to pursue with your friends or family then look no further than the Nandi Cycling Tour! This tour will take you around the gorgeous Nandi Hills and get you up and close with a quaint old train station, a potter’s village and other fascinating attractions. Also enjoy a feast on a farm, specially prepared from organic vegetables!
Treasures of Nandi Cycling Tour
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Mysore - Where Time Stood Still


To experience the feel of authentic Mysore, just hop on the Somanathapura and Talakad Tour. It will definitely shed some light on the magnificence and excellent achievements of the Hoysala Empire centuries back. The temples, carvings, excavated buildings and mesmerizing natural beauty is sure to leave you astounded and hungry for more!
Somanathapura and Talakad Tour
So this 15th August, plan something extra special with your dear ones and experience freedom like you have never before!
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