Some Quirky And Some Fun Travel Trends!

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Every nationality or ethnicity has distinct features that connects people of that particular nation. Not that it matters in terms of a global perspective, but sometimes we cannot just help being true to our roots. Over the years, as per observations a lot of global fun travel trends have been set. Some are quirky, some are downright relatable and some are simply..well..judge for yourself! 

1) We take a break from vacation ..not work!

Austrian employees are generally one of the happiest kind in the world. Guess why? They are entitled to a legal minimum of 22 paid vacation days along with 13 paid holidays a year. 

2) Work haarrdd! 

Indonesians, Indians and Americans are generally the coolest when it comes to managing working and holidaying. 23% have reported to extend a work trip to a fun trip. Just a matter of how you take things and turn them into what you like to do! 

3) Family that holidays together..stays together!

Remember how you thought of staying at your distant 3rd cousin’s aunt’s place to save on accommodation? Or, the last time you thought of visiting a different country just because your relatives were there? Well that is also how New Zealanders think. 30% of them think of a destination based on an overseas relative.

4) Call us for your next event..we will be there!

34% of Americans and New Zealanders are said to travel to different destinations mainly to attend an event. So remember, next time you are planning an event and you need people to attend- ring up all your friends from America and New Zealand


That is the thing about a film maker. If he does not transport you to the location of the scene, he has only half succeeded in his job. Turns out, the documentaries and films Germans watch are of utmost mental transportation capabilities. 26% Germans are said to have been inspired by a documentary while choosing their destination. 20% Chinese also agree to travel to a place after seeing it in the movies. That is almost 1 out of 5 people in China. 

6) Hi..I am a fitness freak..and you?

The thing with fitness is, you are either super committed to it, or it is simply a temporary fling that you are having. 1 out of 6 Indian Millennials do not book a place which does not have gym facilities. So that is basically 18% of the nation definitely committed to the ideal lifestyle.

7) And with a book, you will never have to be alone again!

That is my idea of a vacation. A nice view with a comfortable place to lie in and my book as my all time companion. British seem to be sharing that thought with me. 37% of them have agreed to carry an e-book as an absolute travel essential.

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8) Smartphones are not smart enough!

Well, with cameras of high end quality in phones that are released in dozens by the day, a true photographer still does not find what he wants. The French, the Canadians, the Argentinians, the Austrians and the Russians are the top 5 to carry a camera with them while travelling. 

9) Take a dip..shall we? 

Mexicans have a connection with dips. Be it in their foods or activities. We have just the statistic to prove that activity part to you, for food- go to your nearest mexican restaurant. 47% of Mexicans in the World take swimming as a prerequisite. Without a swimming pool, they are more likely to reject a place. 

10) Heard of the term Honeymoon? 

Apparently, couples who go on trips together and travel together report of having deeper intimacy levels. Which is probably why the honeymoon concept came into picture in the first place.

In our experience, people seem to have different opinions whenever they go to a different country.

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11) Difference between religion and spirituality.

1 in 5 chinese have reported to decide a destination on the spirituality factor of the place. Generally, the curiosity about finding mental peace has increased such a trend. Whereas most of the Indians and Arabs travel to visit their holy places. 


We have always just been taught to be really friendly to the nature. Spanish take that teaching a notch higher by choosing a destination that is generally eco friendly. One out of every ten Spanish traveler chooses a destination based on how eco friendly it is.

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13) Russians know that in Rome, you should act like one.

Russians know that language can be a big barrier while travelling. That is why 1 out of every 4 russian would carry a dictionary while travelling to a different country.  That is almost 25% full of awesome people taking an initiative to have a better travel experience.

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About 15% people globally would not choose a place to stay if it does not have a mini bar. That seems like a normal fact but 47% Brazilian Millennials do not book a place if there is no facility of a mini bar. Well, cheers to that! 

15) Power of Technology- Japan always!

Around 44% of Japanese Millennials have visited a location after being lured by it on the TV. That is like 1 out of every 2 of them. And you thought, advertising was a lost cause? Well clearly we have a statistic to prove that wrong. 

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16) And that is why they are so dreamy. *lovestruck* 

Call me biased, but the French and the Italian have a completely distinct charm to them. 1 out of every 4th French carries a notebook or a diary to write while travelling. They say that travelling inspires them to write. Well,we are in full agreement with them.  

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17) "Aaj kuch toofani karte hain”

Thrill seeking has been one of the biggest motives behind travelling. At least the Indonesians, Indians and Thais seem to think of it that way. They plan to top the list of thrill seekers in the year 2016 looking out for completely thrilling adventures. 

18) "Frequently frequent flying flyers”

Well that is how you really have to describe the Swiss. While most of the World dreams of visiting Switzerland at one point in time in their lives, the Swiss plan to take international trips making them the most frequently travelling nationality. 1 out of every 10 Swiss at an average plans to or has taken more than 10 international trips a year. Guess, that is where our share of miles go.

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19) And then there are budget flyers. 

37% of Irish and Malaysian would choose a destination only if the flight is reasonable. That is a pretty smart idea actually. Like that, you can spend a lot more of your experience in the place rather that on your way to the place. 

20) "You never know what you hold your hands with”

South Africans, Germans, Indians, Americans and Australians are considered to consider hand sanitizer as an essential travel item. Also our tip, do not put sanitizer right after washing your hands or right before washing your hands. The effect gets nullified. 

Well, these are some interesting trends around the globe. We would love to know if you have observed any such trend that we are not aware of. Tell us your experiences in the comment section below.

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