8 Wacky Road Signs That Will Make You Go LOL

By Ketki Hanamshet on Jan 17, 2019
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Take the roads to trot the globe and you are bound to come across road signs. Guiding you along the way, they keep you on track and make you aware of the dangers ahead. But some signs, they just know how to make your journey so much better. Some weird, others funny, they compel you to stop in your tracks and have a good laugh. Here are 8 funny and weird road signs from around the world that make your bumpy ride hilarious. Laugh out loud at a few and try to decipher the others.

1. Silence Zone!

Sweden takes public manners seriously! So hinder that fart before it breaks the winds! Better hit a toilet before letting it go, I say.

2. Oh Come On, Give Us a Break!

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Why is everyone so against farting? It is a natural body function! 

For your information, fartkontrol literally translates to “Speed Check”. So when in Denmark, keep your driving speed under control.

3. Aliens Need Milk Too 

Cows from Los Cerrillo in New Mexico seem to be too special to give milk for us humans. But, isn’t the UFO too small to fit-in the cow? And boy does the cow look weirded out! 

4. Pretty Fancy Shoes, Eh?  

Marken in Netherlands knows how to keep their cows from wanting to go with the aliens. Two pairs of clogs were enough to make the cow stay, I guess. One fashion conscious cow, I must say.

5. Lake-life is Tough 

Walking on water is so easy, ain’t it? But no, this sign at the Blessington Lakes absolutely prohibits you from doing so. Do not walk on the lake-water with your child.

6. Beware of the Drivers!  

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BEWARE OF SQUIRRELS ON FOLDING BIKES! #poland #polska #warsaw #warszawa #weirdroadsigns #whatisthis

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As if rash cyclists weren’t enough, now we have to look out for squirrels driving folding bikes too! This sign near Łazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland, draws your attention to… no clue what.

7. Okay, If You Say So! 

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Sign for Coppers spotted in Rome #italy #rome #termini #weirdroadsigns #coppers #holidays #summer2016

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Rome lives up to its reputation of being a romantic city by encouraging people to kiss and drive. But what about the traffic jam and road mishaps that may get caused due to such “stunts”?

8. Weren’t They Extinct?!

Jura in Switzerland welcomes you with this weird road sign of a dinosaur. What’s with all the attention seeking? He looks quite friendly though! 

Which road signs did you find to be funny? Let us know your interpretations about other weird road signs in the comments. Also, if you know the real meaning of any of the road signs, we would be glad to know them!

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