15 Funny Travel Memes: 'Coz What Is A Journey Without A Good Laugh

By Ketki Hanamshet on Apr 05, 2019
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Memes have taken the world by storm and have set the laughter clubs on fire. Some just tickle your bone, others make you roll on the floor laughing, and a few more just make you relate to them on a whole different level. Now, how can travel escape the wrath of memes? Here are TripHobo’s very own 15 travel memes that would pluck the right string of every traveler.

1. Dard hai isme, dard! *sobs silently* 


Don’t tell anyone about your Goa plan! They say it gets jinxed.

2. Such talkatives should be punished to travel alone 


You see those trees, birds, cows, rocks outside the window? I reeaaalllyyy want to watch them throughout the journey!

3. You always have this one in the group… 


The only time such friends would travel is if they have to attend a destination wedding with free ka khaana

4. One day I will, I just hope my passport doesn’t expire by then 


Traveling abroad isn’t that easy guys! Airplanes cost sh** loads of money and I am broke…

5. Explains why I haven’t yet traveled abroad 


At times it feels as if owning a private jet would be much cheaper, huh?

6. It is difficult being a parent 


I imagine the planning starts two months prior to the summer vacations.

7. Babies aren’t always cute. 


All the transportation modes, be it a bus, a train, or a plane, should have the ‘baby on board’ sign just in case…

8. High-five to all the solo women travelers out there! Bohot hard bohot hard... 


I travel solo so that I can escape people who impart such “knowledge”. 

9. Ever seen a heart-piercing meme? 


Can you even spell vacation right when you try to remember the last “vakaytion” you took??

10. The harsh reality of every person with a desk job 


Vacationing every two months? Is that even a thing???

11. What’s the hurry, bruh? 


My bag is a treasure chest! Got to get it before anyone steals it…

12. My heart just skipped a beat… 


The fun lies in planning your next vacation even when you have just gone broke thanks to your last trip…

13. Whhyyyyyyy???? 


Don’t they want to earn any money? If not, why have they chosen to drive a local taxi?

14. This leaves me ecstatic! 


The joy doesn’t lie in how much I bargained, but it lies in how I bargained!

15. To all the insta story spammers 


Travel and tell no one. Not because people ruin beautiful things, but because no one cares…

When you are done laughing out loud and applauding us for our sense of humor, do let us know which was your favorite travel meme! If you know any more funny travel memes, share them with us, kyunki hansi baatnein se badhti hai...

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