This Is How Holiday Trips Will Be 5 Years From Now

To travel is to live, truly. But we almost always come to a point in our lives where our weariness gets to us. We keep putting it off till next year, and then the next, thinking that maybe well be freer, maybe it'll be cheaper. But there is really no time like right now to travel. Were here to tell you why you should pack your bags right now, choose a destination and just fly off. Here are our arguments:

1. Air travel is cheap but for how long?

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Airfare prices have dropped to a considerable degree. You can book your tickets online today at a much cheaper rate and this trend will supposedly continue in 2015. Think about it. You can use your frequent flyer miles and book way ahead of schedule to find the best deal. You can even book tickets for an immediate trip without thinking too much about your bank account. Could you imagine doing that a decade earlier? But this pleasant dream wont last forever. Fuel will become more expensive, and so will your flight tickets. Do your homework and fly now, or suffer later.

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2. The world is a better place right now

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A lot of things can change your travel plans, from personal issues to the larger picture. Now imagine warfare, restrictions by governments, disease and natural catastrophes. We dont think about them while making travel plans right now because these dangers are not imminent. Who knows what the future holds? Traveling, even to far-flung places, has never been easier and more convenient, and the situation probably wont stay the same in the time to come. So why not just take a vacation now than wait for things to get bad later? Damn, I really wish I had visited the Eiffel tower before World War 3 started.dont be this guy.

3. Climate change: The real danger

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A lot of economies in the world rely wholeheartedly on the earnings from their tourism industry. Take the temperature a couple of notches higher, as global warming is predicted to do, and this sounds like a bad dream ripped out of the sub conscience of a tourism-dependent nations economist. Coastal tourism and eco-tourism will be hit the worst by rising temperatures and sea levels. You can also say bye-bye to ski resorts. Thinking of visiting the Caribbean islands? There is no better time than right now. Visit at-risk places before they are lost to us forever. Do I sound depressing? Should have thought of all this when you were burning dinosaur remains for fuel, humanity!

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For all you know, within the next 5-10 years, virtual travel may replace actual traveling, seeing the rapid development of technology in todays day and age. Would you like to travel that way? I sure as hell wouldnt. Why make excuses then? Lets travel. Because not all those who wander are lost.

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