Obtaining an Australian Visa Is Now Easier for Indians!

Australia, the country we Indians identify as our arch rivals in the game of cricket, is also a beautiful destination for a vacation. Right from exotic nature to sprawling cities that are no less than that of Europe and US, Australia deems to be fit for an international holiday from India. 

Image Source: pixabay.com

Rightly so, the number of Indian tourists travelling to Australia has been steadily increasing. And if you plan to visit the ‘land down under’ anytime soon, the process just got easier!

Now Indian tourists can apply for an Australian Visa online. Earlier, Visa for Sponsored Family Visitor, Student, Temporary Work, Training, Temporary Activity, Partner, Prospective Marriage, Resident Return and Maritime Crew could be applied online and this is the next step.

From 1st of July 2017, you can apply for visitor visa of Australia for tourism or business visit online. This move has come after there were multiple complaints of tourist visas being delayed or the process being prolonged.

According to Alex Hawke, the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, online application for visas will ease the process for Indian tourists and also will streamline the application processes.

The online application will also enable the users 24/7 access to application portal, electronic payment for visa fees and tracking the application status real-time. The online applications will also be processed faster.

While Australia isn’t on the list of countries having visa on arrival for Indians, online Visa processing will definitely make visiting Australia, easier! Get more information here.

When are you planning your trip to Australia?


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