20 Best Road Trips With Girlfriends Ideas

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Nothing like a road trip with the sisterhood for some serious down time. We've come a long way since fighting over the radio station, inhaling stockpiled munchies and waving at passersby, in our childhood... or have we?

When your favourite ladies are involved, you might not always know whats on the agenda, but you can rest assured that it's going to be a good time.


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Spanning continents, we've narrowed down 5 road trips with girlfriends ideas from around the world that are spectacular, complete with picturesque views.

1. Icefields Parkway, Canada


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One of the most breathtaking drives in the world, this motorway spans two national parks and also takes you past valleys, limestone cliffs and the deep blue. Don't forget to count the mountain goats and elks along the way, ladies!

2. Trans-Andean Highway, Chile, Argentina


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The drive from Santiago, Chile, to Mendoza, Argentina , is one of the more gruelling drives that might just give you a serious case of car sickness, as you wind upwards around the Chilean Andes - but what jaw-dropping views, we tell you! Post the climb, a lovely, dark journey through a two-mile tunnel will eventually have you stepping out into Argentina. Now that's how you make an entrance. You aren't running out of time or girlfriend vacation ideas, I'd say book those tickets to Argentina now!

3. Ring Road, Iceland


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Iceland's "Ring Road" (aka Route 1) is in it for the whole package - circling the entire country, get ready for an astonishing ride with views of geothermal pools, black sand beaches, volcanoes, glacial lagoons, and other scenery that might just be post-apocalyptic if you weren't seeing it before your very eyes. If you're here between August and April, you are blessed - don't forget to catch the surreal Northern Lights and that will complete the best girlfriend getaway ever!

4. Garden Route, Slang River to Tsitsikamma, South Africa


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This one's for the nature lovers - forest and marine reserves line this route, and snorkelling, scuba diving, boat trips to see dolphins, whales and sharks, hiking, parasailing, golf, kayaking - all of these are easily accessible and yours for the taking. Offering the South Africa  most beautiful beaches and lagoons, if you and your friends are water babies - this is definitely the trip for you!

5. Amalfi Coast Road, Italy


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Some authentic pizza and gelato with the main ladies? This picture can only be made that much better with the offerings of this drive, lined with lemon trees, local fishermen, old fascinating smuggling caves, and breathtaking beaches - this is undoubtedly self-indulgence at its best, complete with the best company a girl could ask for.  So this is the best place to go with your only better half and finally get around doing a roadtrip with your girlfriend!

6. Verdon Gorge circuit, France


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Cruising through its corniche byway while singing your favourite song at the top of your lungs might be the best way to explore this little heaven on earth. Not one for the faint-hearted, this exhilarating drive lets you pass through the high imposing cliffs edged by the turquoise blues of water and plunging depths which can be quite intimidating for some. Just be a little brave and find yourself swept off your feet by the jaw-dropping views the place bestows on you. Don’t forget to go for kayaking or river rafting while you are at it and make some memories you will cherish forever.  

7. Autobahn, Germany


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If there is one place in the world where you can drive to your heart’s content without any restrictions, this is it! This well-paved highway system of Germany is known for its no speed limitations leaving ample space for you and your girlfriends to explore and see. Feel nature play its magic as you rush through the grassy plains of its countryside fully indulged in exciting conversations and funny talks and have an experience unlike ever before. 

8. Trollstigen, Norway


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Norway is blessed with some of the best sights in the world and no, I am not exaggerating here! Still, don’t believe me? Then take to the Trollstigen road and you will know.  Nestled amidst the captivating vistas stretched from grassy mountain plains to alluring waterfalls, passing through various lush surrounding, this 106 km long route can any day pass for an enticing road trip destination. And with your girl buddies to accompany you, it just gets better. Get ready for loads of fun, because when you have planned this Norwegian trip, you have signed up for it. 

9. Klausen Pass, Switzerland


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Treat yourself to an exciting drive through this beautiful Alpine Region in Switzerland and feel all your worries fading away, literally! One of the best places to drive in, this natural nirvana is home to breathtaking scenarios filled with dense pine forest, gorgeous grassy meadows and wild rugged beauty. The splendid juxtaposition of the tranquil surrounding and wild crazy friends only makes up for a perfect retreat, not to mention, a memorable one 

10. Transfagarasan Highway, Romania


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The list of best roadways in the world is literally incomplete without the mention of this Romanian delight. An engineering artwork in itself, this well-paved route invites you in for a topsy-turvy ride full of escalating heights and impromptu descends earning itself the name ‘the Road to the Sky’. It takes some real courage (and really good driving skills) to go for a full-fledged Transfagarasan trip, but if you are up for that, this road trip will leave you ecstatic and amazed.  

11. Hai Van Pass, Vietnam


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Just imagine yourself transversing a sea of cloudy mist as you hike through a spur of mountain plains- that is the beautiful stretch of Troung Son, set atop vast blues of South China Sea providing a panoramic view of the surrounding so beautiful it will be etched in your mind forever. Sounds marvellous, isn't it?. Well, this is what driving in the Han Van Pass is all like! This brassy mountain pass is about 21 km long and has proved to be a challenging course for passers since ages. If you are up for an unconventional, totally badass female roadway trip, no need to look any further! This one has everything to kill it for you girls, believe it!.

12. Pune to Goa, India 


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When it comes to the cheapest most happening places in Asia, Goa can surely top the list with flying colours. The place has something about it that just spells fun and trip to this place is no different either!This 500 km long ride will let you explore the suburban side of India known for its tranquil vibes and wild beautiful scenarios.The entire roadway has many stops for you to take some rest. Ensure to stop at Amboli for a while as the quaint hill station has some of the best viewpoints along with well-paved tracking routes around. 

13. Nikuni Pass of Mount Fuji, Japan


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While trekking through the snow laden frame of Mount Fuji- Japan's highest mountain peak, might be one of the best experiences to have in Japan, a road trip to reach this destination is no less entertaining either. Believe it! The ride through this winding mountain pass is pretty relaxing and can be mapped on any day suitable to your mood.If you girls are looking for a short break from your regular hubbub, a leisurely drive down this mukini pass with its bedazzling view of the mountain and Yamanaka river is the perfect escape for you.  

14. Jeju Island Coastal Roads, South Korea 


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The volcanic island has long been known as a vacationer's paradise in South Korea and rightfully so! Home to breathtaking vistas, numerous well-equipped resorts and a sublime coastal weather, this popular island makes up for a helluva road trip destination in Asia. You can literally feel nature speak to you as you descend the Ilju road while passing the vivid gems nature has gifted the place with. A drive through mount Songaksan and you will find yourself amid the awe-inspiring views of oceans, or if you are more intent to explore the brazen, mount Hallasan along with magnificent lava tubes in Manhanggul Cave will complete the picture.  

15. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China


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And here we have one of the most unusual roadways to hit on. A bit of a dare and a bit of a thrill, Guoliang Tunnel is all about exploring the wild side of a road trip as you pass through its hidden rocky roads carved out of the rocky mountain plains providing scenic views of its surrounding from its height. Not only it will one of the most stimulating rides for you, both- visually and emotionally, but will lure you in for one of the most out-worldly experience you can ever have. 

16. Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria 


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Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse road trip is all about being a little hip, a little wild and a little unconventional. A seemingly challenging drive, it passes through a range of 37 mountain plains which with its mind-numbing elevation of 2,504 feet and great scenic surrounding that is going to leave you enthralled.  The High Alpine Road is home to around 36 daring hairpin bends that will test your grit and courage any day. The route is around 30 miles long and starts from Salzburg valley. This amazing ride is packed with many beautiful things as you ascend on the route. There are hills dotted with long trees of pines, cliffy areas covered in barren shades of stone, and not to forget the lakes and glaciers.Ensure to stop by at the Alpine Nature Show Museum to witness its exhibitions en route. 

17. Ring of Kerry, Ireland  


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The Irish countryside is noted to be one of the most beautiful in all of Europe, and its Ring of Kerry is undoubtedly the best way to drive through all that the country has to offer! This 200km loop takes you through the mountains, to the beaches, lakes, and rivers of the EMERALDIsle letting you witness the breathtaking sceneries around including that of Iveragh Peninsula. As you pass through it all, you come across the stunning Killarney National Park which with its surrounding and greenery makes up for a great retreat.

18. Travel from coast to crater, Chile 



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The Rano Kau, located in the southwestern part of Easter Island , is the largest volcanic crater and the most amazing natural wonder that can be seen during the tour. Its spectacular eruption, about two and a half million years ago, was one of the three that gave rise to the island.Its crater is more than a kilometer in diameter and forms a spectacular natural amphitheater that, at about 200 meters deep, frames a large freshwater lagoon, which was once one of the main sources of fresh water for the Rapa people.

19. Great Ocean road


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Setting off on a road trip adventure with your friends amidst this natural paradise might be the most happening decision you can ever make. Renowned for being a worldly sensational, the iconic pathway leads you through different scenarios including 12 Apostles, various surfing lands, greens and wildlife and what not! The place offers myriad activities to entertain including surfing, biking and fishing along with a thorough taste of culture through its museums. More than often you will find yourself wandering around, exploring the surrounding while chatting with each other without any inhibitions. The vast vivid cuisine, the stunning landscapes, the history and colours, everything in this land comes together to make your road trip an utterly fulfilling one.

20. Route 1, Iceland 


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Fascinating volcanic sights, ashen lava fields, spectacular waterfalls and abundance of natural wealth- all this pretty much sums up exactly what you can expect to see on your adventurous road trip to this offbeat place.Iceland is probably one of the least explored destinations for a road trip rendezvous and that's what makes it even more alluring, given you do not have to deal with unnecessary crowd and hordes of visitors.The best way to explore it, however, would be via route 1- a circular passageway covering the length of the island provide a sneak peak to all its gems. Be it the rocky rugged cliffs of the southern coast, or the inviting natural hot springs of Myvatn, the scenic views of the fjords or the soft mildness of the surrounding, cruising through this unique route with your girl gang is surely going to leave you awestruck and mesmerised. 


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No need to think twice - buckle up your seatbelts, and step on it! It's time for a roadtrip with your girlfriends and I mean NOW!

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