Best Things To Do In Monsoon In Goa

By Neha Kapoor on May 05, 2016
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There is something magical about Goa that doesn't let people stay away from it! Synonymous with the tourism industry of India, the very name of Goa will remind you of immense fun, parties, sands, sun and tanning. The exuberant emerald greenery of the coast, vast oceans, a youthful hippie vibrancy set against the backdrop of Goan-Portuguese culture and architecture, are attributes that make this place an ultimate tourist destination.

While you can visit Goa at any time of the year, there is something special and unparalleled about the monsoon season here, that you can't find anywhere else in India. Goa in monsoon is like a whiff of fresh air to the sore eyes and soul that comes along with a fervor of its own.

Monsoon in Goa spans from May to September and while this must be an off season for the world, you can still cuddle with the state in your own way during this time. The never ending rains, landscape enveloped in green color, Portuguese houses and mansions drenching under the rain, locals holding those big leaves during the downpours, soaked shacks, swelling sea are some of the pictures that would make a perfect collage of Goa in monsoon. Let us tell you some of the reasons why you should visit Goa this monsoon along with some must do things in Goa that would make up the best of your monsoon itinerary.

Why visit Goa during the monsoons?

Every time one thinks of visiting Goa, they think of Winters (from October to February) as the best time as the state offers an escape from those harsh chilled waves that affect the rest of the country. However, very few know that in monsoons, Goa dons a distinct color that confluences well with the sound of the gushing downpours. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit goa this monsoons!

1. Discount on hotels!

Monsoons are the best time when you can enjoy Goa’s resorts and hotels at their cheapest. Not to mention the immense fun that you can have when you will explore the less crowded streets and beaches!

2. The Dudhsagar Falls at their majestic best

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Places in Goa in monsoon wear a new clothing! As is the case with most of the waterfalls, the Dudhsagar falls are at their most beautiful self during monsoons. Watching the water cascading down the rolling hills can be a sublime experience. Dudhsagar Falls is one of the best and coveted places to visit during monsoon in Goa!

3. Attend the fertility feast of St. John the Baptist

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Monsoons are always associated with fertility across all the myths in the world. The Sao Joao festival which is also known as the Fertility Feast of St. John the Baptist is a great festival that will introduce you the local Goan culture. For those who don’t know, this festival is celebrated with men jumping into the wells to fetch Feni (Goa’s iconic drink). So, if you wish to see the various hues of this festival, visit Goa during monsoons and have fun! Another monsoon festival is Bonderam flag festival which is held in the late August. The venue for this colorful carnival like festival is tiny Divar Island, off the coast from Panaji.

4. For that best local cuisine


Monsoon activities in Goa are abundant. However, if you wish to stop over and have those leisure means, monsoon comes along with the best offering. Remember, this is the time when you will have the best of fresh fishes!

5. A walk along the raining shores

This is one of the things to do in Goa in monsoons that will transport you in another world altogether. Shores become quieter and more intense during the monsoons in Goa. Go for a honeymoon in Goa during the rainy season of July-August, take a reflective walk along the shore, we promise it's worth spending all your money for!

Things to Do in Goa in Monsoon

1. Ride along the city on your bike

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Goa looks stunning under that fresh sprinkling water! Thanks to its cityscape, the whole state can be easily covered on your bike. Rent up a bike to take a tour of Goa and experience the fresh air of this magical state on your two wheels. This is also the time when the bike rentals are also at their lowest!

2. Visit the stunning emerald wildlife sanctuaries of Goa

This is definitely one of the things to do in Goa in monsoon that you can’t miss! The state boasts of some of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries such as Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which are at their freshest in the monsoons.

3. Witness the colourful houses and architecture

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Goa is known as a tropical paradise, however, the state houses equally beautiful houses that deserve a look and wonder. It has temples, churches, mansions, ports and forts that will take you back into the Portuguese times. They look picturesque and stunning in the monsoons, worth to be the subject of your photography.

4. Sit under the beach shacks

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The beach shacks in Goa during monsoon offer a quiet recluse from the world outside and ask you to sit and see the ocean rolling by. People who would have visited these during the high season would have found them to be too crowded and happening. But in Monsoon, they turn somber and quiet, worth spending some time in.

5. Experience the spellbinding nightlife

Goa’s nightlife in monsoon may not be that happening. But it is definitely to check out for as you will find less of crowd. The infamous Mambo's and Tito's at Baga Beach both rock all year round. In Candolim, there is Sinq Beach Club and LPK Waterfront. Live musicians can be heard at the more laid back Cavala, near Baga Beach.

6. Take up Tours

Taking up certain tours can make you well acquainted with the state. Take up Goa city tour or Goa Ottar Trail to unfold the beauty and culture of the state!

While you have plenty of things to do and attractions to cover in Goa in monsoons, you will also get a numerous resorts to choose from and that too at cheaper prices. So if you have been thinking where to stay in Goa during monsoon, there are a range of hotels and resorts at comparatively lower prices that will make your Goa itinerary a memorable one.

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