The Best Four Soccer Matches in 2018

The football season is well under way and fans around the world will be watching in anticipation as their team plays in the upcoming matches. Whether it is in the EPL or Champions League, fans will be glued to their television screens or seats in the stadium hoping their team comes through victorious.  We look forward to the best matches in world soccer this year, from the final game in the EPL to the World Cup final in Russia. 

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1. Premier League Match – Manchester, England - 5th May 2018

The first match on the list will be in Manchester, England where the winners of the English Premier League will be crowned champions. Current favourites Manchester City look like winning but Manchester United also have a chance. The final matches of the season will be played and the world will be watching.  

2. FA Cup Final – London, England - 7th May 2018

The next match on the list for visiting is no other than the FA Cup Final at the home of English football, Wembley stadium in London. This is the most watched domestic football match in world football with similar audiences to the world cup final, tickets for this match often sell higher than most games according to Fan Seats. The match will be played on a Saturday afternoon and if your team are involved then this is even more of a special occasion. The distance between Manchester and London is only 200 miles. 

3. Champions League Final – Kiev, Ukraine – 26th May 2018

The next match on the list of biggest soccer matches is in Kiev in the Ukraine, 1500 miles away from London. This is the first time the final of the biggest club competition will be held in the country and demand is already high for tickets. The match is scheduled to take place on a Saturday evening between the two best club soccer teams in the world. This year there are many favourites to reach the final including current champions Real Madrid and rivals FC Barcelona. Any fan that enjoys football will be watching this game. 

4. World Cup Final 2018 – Moscow, Russia – 15th July 2018

The last game on the list is no other than the biggest game in football, the FIFA world cup final. Located only 900 kilometres away from Kiev, the journey goes from north East to Moscow.  Every four years the tournament is held in a different country with millions of fans watching their nation play. Russia will be hosting the tournament and have promised a fantastic welcoming to fans. Remember fans can still apply for tickets to this game here

These are 4 of the biggest matches in world football and we will certainly be watching each of them in anticipation. Which of the game excites you most in this big year for football? Let’s hope the matches are as entertaining as the build-up.


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