7 Off the Beaten Path Places to Go in Italy

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When thinking about booking a holiday, backpacking trip or romantic getaway to Italy it seems that Rome, Milano and Venice are the primary destinations. Although the beaten and well-trodden path in Italy has its merits and is popular for good reasons, there are equally as many reasons to take the path less walked. We have collated a list of 7 off the beaten path places to go in Italy and we’re sure you’ll have a flight booked by the end of this blog!

Italy has a rugged and varied landscape that is a joy to explore; everywhere you turn you will find breathtaking scenery, awesome architecture and of course plenty of pasta too. 

If you are not keen on straying far from the beaten path but equally want a little adventure, then why not mix up your trip a little; spend a few days in one of the major cities like Venice and then make your way to one of the destinations featured on our list?

Although travel in Italy is easy and accessible, we highly recommend purchasing a travel backpack for your trip. The best carry on travel backpacks will make your movement throughout this European nation tad bit easier. There is nothing worse than running for a train while lugging a giant suitcase in your wake. A travel backpack makes even luxury holidays easier to navigate. 

1. Civita di Bagnoregio

Let's kick off our list of off the beaten track places to visit in Italy with this hidden gem; Civita di Bagnoregio. Once recognised as one united town Civita di Bagnoregio are now two separate communities. Gone are the days when people would commute back and forth between Civita and Bagnoregio with assistance from a small donkey or mule. Nowadays the two towns are connected by a small foot-bridge that covers the void left when land eroded way. 

Bagnoregio falls on the mainland while Civita lies at the very top of the valley’s highest peak. Believe it or not, Civita is home to just ten permanent residents. These two towns are certainly off the beaten path but are perfectly majestic and a great place to try truly authentic bruschetta. Many of you will have sampled bruschetta before but for the real deal you simply must try the toasted bread, tomatoes, olive oil and basil combination created in Civita di Bagnoregio.

2. Puglia 

Perfectly picturesque Puglia lies on the Amalfi Coast and is often missed off by travellers who head to the region each summer. Famous for its unique architecture Puglia features houses and homes designed in a rare cone shape, hut like structures made of local stone.

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Once the homes of poor, folklore states that these houses were built so that the roofs could be removed should the tax man come a knocking to reduce payments to the government. Sadly for us, these properties are no longer the huts of low-income Italians rather the holiday homes of the mega rich. 

If you are a fan of cheese, and let’s face it who isn’t? Then you simply must try Puglia’s famous mozzarella known locally as burrata.

Puglia is one of the most Instagram-able holiday destinations in Italy. Combining amazing architecture with ancient culture and let us not forget outstanding food Puglia is a one stop shop when it comes to experiencing authentic and off the beaten track Italy.

3. Lampedusa Island 

Pristene beaches with creamy soft sand that squishes between your toes and foamy waves that lap against the shore while crystal clear skies shine on down are your thing then you simply must get yourself to Lampedusa Island. 

Lampedusa Island lies in the balmy Mediterranean Sea and is one of the Pelagie Islands off Italy’s southern coast. Home to just over 5,000 people, Lampedusa Island is the perfect off the beaten track place to go if you are seeking some peace and quiet during your European vacation. 

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A firm favourite with travellers, Rabbit Beach, which is shaped like a heart, is the place to get a tan and relax in the sun. If you love wildlife then you will love Lampedusa Island which is home to a large number of loggerhead sea turtles; although exciting to see, never pick them up or disturb them, incredibly vulnerable if you get the chance to see then do just that, observe. 

4. Portofino 

Tucked away on the Italian Riviera coastline the small village of Portofino is luxurious, wondrous and totally enchanting. The houses that are sporadically places along the coast, painted in light pastel hues only adding to the photogenic nature of Portofino. 

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This small fishing village can be found hidden away south east of Genoa and as a result is hugely popular with the yachting and boating community. Think Montenegro Bay but in Italy and you get the idea. 

As you would expect with such clientele Portofino does come with a hefty price tag and the village streets are lined with luxury boutiques. If you are a budget traveler, do not rule out a stay in Portofino, there are last minute deals available regularly online if you look in all the right places.

Portofino is an idyllic location for a romantic couple’s getaway. It offers plenty of places to go on a romantic leisurely stroll. If you want breathtaking views to use for that perfect ‘couple’s photo’ then head to Castello Brown Fortress.

5. Arezzo 

Like we said in the beginning if you want to get a little of the beaten track but still want to see all the major sites of Italy then Arezzo may just be the place for you. Just a short one our journey by train from the popular touristic hub of Florence Arezzo is a cultural gem the you cannot miss if you are a lover of antiques.

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Arezzo plays host to a spectacular antique market each month, on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month in fact. Upwards of 500 antique dealers set up shop in Arezzo’s market square to sell their classic pieces to people just like you. 

It is not just antiques that are sold in Arezzo’s historic market square on these weekends, everything from crockery to wine, from handicrafts to traditional handmade lace can be found on these stalls.

6. Rimini 

Rimini is not just a great word to say but a great place to visit and is one of Italy’s finest hidden gems. A firm favourite with locals and intrepid travellers alike, you may find yourself fighting for beach space during the summer months. 

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Panic not, Rimini’s beachfront runs for an impressive nine miles and as such, after some searching you are bound to find a secret spot for sunbathing in. 

The most popular beaches in the town of Rimini are Lungomare Augusto and subsequently Marina Centro. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the summer months the water is a wonderful temperature for a quick dip.

7. Orvieto

We bet you have never heard of Orvieto. Last but by no means least on our list of off the beaten path places to visit in Italy is the hill town of Orvieto. Located a brief 90-minutes away from gorgeous Rome, Orvieto stands proudly atop of a rocky hill made of volcanic stone and boasts impressive views over the rolling countryside of Umbria. 

Orvieto’s cathedral is a true hidden architectural gem that is worthy of your exploration and the stained-glass windows really are a sight to behold.

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