Best Guide To Immerse Yourself In Culture Travel

  • UPDATED Apr 02, 2018

When travellers go to foreign countries, they usually shy away from authentic experiences and try to take comfort in familiarity: they want their hotels to be equipped with every possible amenity; they try not to taste the cuisine of the place theyre visiting (because who wants diarrhoea when youre on vacation !); they keep cooped up inside their hotels and dont talk to the locals. If this sounds anything like you, your travel experiences so far have been incomplete.
Cultural travel is all about experiencing a foreign culture and actively trying to become a part it. It has more to do with the people you meet rather than the places you visit. If you like the sound of this, then youre ready for your first truly cultural trip. Here are some tips to help you along your journey as you discover a new culture:

1. Try and learn the language beforehand

Its always good to know a bit of the language while planning a trip abroad. It will make navigating through the country easier for you. Also, the people there will be more likely to talk to you if you can throw around a few sentences in their native tongue and are likely to trust you more.

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2. Read up on customs

Dont make the mistake of offending the locals while youre visiting their country. For instance, if youre in China and you have been invited to dinner, dont finish everything thats on your plate. It gives the impression that the hosts did not give you enough food and thats rude. Similarly, in Indonesia, dont point with your forefinger its considered discourteous. Youre supposed to point with your thumb instead. Its when you try learning about a culture before visiting a foreign land that you wont accidentally insult the locals and they will appreciate the effort.

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3. Indulge in the activities the place is famous for

Whether its learning yoga in India, belly dancing in Morocco, the guitar in Spain, or surfing in Hawaii its always good to learn things from the places that have made them famous. Youll have a unique skill and itll make for an interesting trip!

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4. Don't forget to visit museums

Museums are a great place to learn about a history of countries or cities. Visiting one is bound to give you some insight into the culture of the place. Plus, the bonus is that you can wow people back home with your in-depth knowledge!

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5. Try all the food

Food connects us with people like nothing else. Share a meal with the locals and youre going to end up bonding with them. Don't be afraid to try new things and test your gastronomic limits. You never know. You might have a new favourite dish to call your own!

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6. Don't be afraid to talk to people

Forget your social anxiety during your trip. More often than not, locals are welcoming, patient and will answer your ridiculous questions with a smile on their face. Start talking to them and learn about their life a country you know nothing about and the problems they face.

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Its no wonder that the phrase when in Rome, do as the Romans do is so apt. Live as the locals do and youre bound to have a trip that you will remember forever!


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