12 Best Restaurants of Leh - Guide to Top Eat-outs

By Renuka Shahane on Sep 15, 2015
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A road trip to Leh is on the bucket-list of every adventure traveller enthusiast in India. In our ultimate packing list for Leh, we mentioned the food items to pack in your carry-on when you embark on your Leh trip. But the desert-city has a bunch of culinary delights that will amaze you.

Mighty mountains, chilly winds and picturesque views; Leh is a place to be. And good food will just elevate the degree of happiness you'll experience on the trip!

Here's TripHobo's pick of top restaurants that you must-try on your Leh Trip:

1. Bon Apptit

Image Source: stu_spivack/flickr.com

Tucked in an indoor area on Changspa road, Bon Apptits USP is its continental food with an Asian twist! Organic farm produce adds that extra oomph in their preps. Steaming bowl of creamy cashew nut chicken in Italian Pesto, scrumptious Tandoori grills and a stunning view of Stok Kangri range; who wouldnt want to be here!

Unique Pick: Aubergine recipes like Baba Ghanoush

2. Pumpernickel German Bakery

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Walk in here to kick-start your day, for a laid-back afternoon meal or a dinner; this bakery will never fail in pleasing you! Set on Zangsti road, this petite place offers a quite generous menu including options in both sweet and savory. While Choc³ Danish, walnut and caramel cake, croissants, apple pies and lemon cakes are top choices, coconut cookies are show-stealers. Warm home-baked breads and a pot of coffee with Yak milk; youve made the right choice, my friend!

Unique Pick: Tofu curry with Rice

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3. Summer Harvest

Image Source: Alpha/flickr.com

A perfect hangout after a tiring day of sightseeing in Leh, Sumer Harvest is a non-vegetarians life saver! Kashmiri chicken delicacies, Chinese noodles, fried mutton momos, array of pastas and Rogan Josh will brighten up even a dull evening! And there's beer to wash down everything adding to the zest of the meal.

Unique Pick: Tingmo- Tibetan Bread

4. Chopsticks Noodle Bar

Image Source: jamieanne/flickr.com

Swish interiors with communal tables and vibrant paper umbrellas adorning the walls; Chopsticks noodle bar offers a perfect setting for a little party or a special dinner in Leh. You can also share tables with fellow travelers and make new friends as you relish an excellent meal. Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese are the main cuisines served at Chopsticks, flavored with Ladakhi twirl.

Unique Pick: Coconut Bananas with Caramel Sauce and Litchis with Ginger Syrup
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5. Old Town Caf

Image Source: jeffreyw/flickr.com

Concealed in the heritage Lonpo house near Leh Palace, the most fascinating thing about this Leh restaurant is its 17th century kitchen. Delighting patrons with authentic Ladakhi spread that incorporates skyu, barley soup, paba and stirred-to-perfection butter tea; Old Town caf is a must-visit if you want to try the local staples. On Fridays, there is a food fest celebrating the local cuisine.

Unique Pick: Tangtur- Boiled vegetables in curd

6. The Tibetan Kitchen

Image Source: Pixabay.com

A mix trix of Tibetan and Ladakhi food culture, Tibetan kitchen has succeeded in serving the best of both worlds! Specialties including thentuk, momos, thukpa, skyu, served with the Paba- local bread and glass of butter tea. Apricot grinded with wheat flour is a must to finish the meal.

Unique Pick: Cheese Spinach Momos

7. Gesmo Restaurant

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

You will never be sure of what is more appealing- the frothy lattes or the chequerboard vintage ceilings! Gesmo has been around the town for decades and is the top choice among tourists frequent to Leh. As you sit in the place by its green-tinted glass windows, you will be surprised to know how great a Yak cheese pizza can taste! Laffa with falafels, hummus, apple pies and lemon-iced sponge cakes will do the trick and you will be completely in love with the place- a foodies guarantee!

Unique Pick: Pepper-garlic chicken steak

8. Lamayuru Restaurant

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Located on the Fort Road, Lamayuru Restaurant is a favourite among the backpackers and western tourists. The place is not very fancy, but the food served here is made with great love. On the menu, you will find a range of cuisines like Indian, Thai, Nepali, Desi-Chinese and Tibetan. Some of the must try dishes are Lamyuru special pizza, chicken thupka, chicken biryani, pita bread, hummus, cookies and black forest cake. What’s more? The place also has a free Wi-Fi for all you Instagram addicts! 😉

Unique Pick: Tibetan special Thukpa.

9. Neha Snacks

Image Source: pulaw/flickr.com

This little snack shop is located in the Main Bazar of Leh and is a must visit if you are craving some hot, delicious North Indian food. Neha Snacks is a veggies paradise and one of the top only-vegetarian places in Leh. The shop is very modest and you may have to wait for some time before you can secure a table. The menu consists of snacks, fixed meals and beverages. While here, do try bread pakora, aloo tikki, aloo paratha, special thali, golgappe and much more. 

Unique Pick: Samosa chaat

10. Bob's Cafe

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bob’s Café is a family-run eatery that is located right on the Changspa road. The hosts are very enthusiastic and courteous which makes this café a hit among the tourists. Bob’s Café serves a range of continental food and a few must try includes fried chicken, pizza, home-style vegetarian Italian sandwich, paneer tikka, juices and milkshakes. What makes this place unique is the super clean open-kitchen, where you can see the order being prepared. 

Unique Pick: Quesadillas

11. Yama Coffee House

Image Source: Alpha/flickr.com

Yama Coffee House serves international food and is a great place to hangout while sipping on some hot coffee on the terrace. Head out to Yama Coffee House to enjoy a plate of continental meal and its range of exotic teas. Located on the Changspa road, this place is a must visit while in Leh. A few things that are a must try at Yama include tuna pasta, salads, tom yum soup, Mediterranean pizza, apricot cake, banana cake, black-and-white cookies, café latte, chai latte, hot chocolate among many more. 

Unique Pick: Cheesecakes and chocolate mud cake.

12. Wonderland

Image Source: Alpha/flickr.com

If you are looking forward to enjoying a food with a view, look no further. Here you will find some of the trendiest crowd of Leh. Wonderland is one of those restaurants that serves a wide variety of food options right from spring rolls and fried momos, to mushrooms & olives in tomato sauce and mushroom & tofu in bamboo shoot sauce. Wonderland also has a bakery that serves amazing walnut brownies.

Unique Pick: Apple crumble and lemon cake.

You have better suggestions to Leh food guide? Comment and let us know what are the best restaurants in Leh!

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