Wellness Breaks for Those with Little Time

With the wellness industry booming, and people aiming to take more care of their mind and body, travelling for wellness is becoming ever popular. Gone are 18-30s holidays and boozy spring breaks with people preferring to head to a yoga retreat or visit healing springs. Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness magazine, Goop, is the champion of such breaks, but when you're a little bit stretched for time, you can enjoy the same perks without having to visit the other side of the world to visit a shaman. Here is our guide to a home wellness break: 

1. Take a yoga course 


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You've been saying for years that you'll start going to yoga classes regularly, and you can see the positive effects that Bikram is having on your work colleagues, but the 6am start and having to spend mornings around perfectly flexible, bright young things is not the best way to start the day. Enrol in a beginners' yoga course and spend your week off getting to grips with the basics so that joining a regular class doesn't feel too intimidating. Before you know it, you'll be carrying your yoga mat into work, preaching the benefits of your experimental Bikram class. 

2. Seek some spiritual guidance


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Travelling halfway across the world to visit her shaman might be something Gwyneth Paltrow can do as easily as you can nip to the shops to buy a bottle of milk, but for most people, it is a costly and time-consuming way of finding inner peace and seeking answers to life's most difficult questions. If you're pressed for time, a phone conversation with a medium could be what you need. The Circle provide tarot readings from experienced mediums and readers, many of whom are available at all hours. Mediumship and Tarot reading can make you feel more in control of your path and allow you to feel at peace with things that you cannot change. Ideal for when you're asking for your next payrise then. 

3. Enjoy a detox week


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Enjoy a week of eating healthily and cleansing toxins from your system. Many people travel to India for a detox cleanse which is essentially a week of eating vegetables you can buy from your local market. Aim to drink 2 litres of water a day, eat a purely vegan diet, and consume mostly vegetables. You'll want to cut out sugar too. In a Goop article, it was claimed that drinking only goats milk for ten days could rid parasites from your system; however, these claims were fact-checked and debunked. The best detox for your system is to eat fresh, natural food which is free from chemicals. You'll notice your skin beginning to glow and your mood starting to lift. You might even make it to work on Monday with a smile on your face. 

Taking a week to look after your mind and body will give you a base from which to start living a healthier lifestyle. It can be tempting to spend thousands of dollars on a wellness break, but ultimately a lot of wellness advice is common sense. You should take the week to work out what living a healthier lifestyle means to you, and if you find that you enjoyed your yoga course, then treat yourself to a yoga retreat in the Himalayas!


Team of Travel Experts and blog authors from TripHobo.