How to Find Cheap Flights - The Ultimate Hacks

By Akshata Mishra on Mar 02, 2016
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As in life, travel too is a form of a well planned excursion. If executed well, you can harper amazing opportunities and avail them at the right time. There’s little difference between a random hunch and an instinct. But what’s common is the fact that they can both be moulded into extracting the best outcomes with just a little planning. They say travelling changes you as a person. You come to accept the fact that the nature of life is transient. That you must treat each second as if it’s a present.


But everything good comes with a price tag. While planning your travel escapades, the one thing that burns the biggest hole in your wallet is the flight ticket. Here’s a couple of tips on finding cheap flights that you can follow to save those bucks for souvenirs and charms and gloat in glory!

1. Do Your Research

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An Indian couple, coming from humble background has travelled across 7 continents and 41 countries in a span of three and a half years. They were able to reach this feat solely by doing extensive research, so as to round down on the exact season, time and span of the year. They claim to have spent close to 3000 hours on it. Like on the onset of every novel journey, it’s quite vital and beneficial to research your travel destination and find the perfect off-season time to avail the cheap yet comfortable flights.

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2. Book It Before

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There was a time when airlines were pretty accommodating and last minute flights were cheap. Since the airlines detected the pattern of seats getting booked at the last moment, they have reverted their policy. It’s best to book your flights 3-4 months beforehand or 6 weeks at the most. But do not go overboard and book it too early. They may not be the most ideal and lucrative deal either. It gives you a fair chunk of time to plan things out and at the same time let's you find cheap flights to anywhere and hence, less weight on your soul!

3. Connect the dots, don’t jump

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This one’s for all those of you who wish to savor two trips at the dimes of one. Most airlines take a sneaky stop of 24 hours or so at their native destinations. To name a few, Japan Airlines which grants stopovers at Tokyo and Osaka and there’s a gap at Dubai if you fly with the Emirates. Also, non-stop, direct flights are expensive as compared to the connecting flights as they levy higher taxes and drop you off in less time. Hence, a connecting flight is always more beneficial as you get to enjoy the ride, quite literally! Also its not too much on your cards and wallets either.

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4. Go Incognito

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While you are searching for airline fares and flights, take tips and steps to make sure you are not getting tracked. There’s increasing evidence that your search history gets tracked and looked up on by the airlines and each time you browse or look it up, the fares rise. It’s advised best to switch systems/ devices while you look it up. Or better, go incognito and keep deleting your search history while searching for cheap airline tickets.

5. Avail those discounts!

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While you are researching and chalking out your journey, be sure to create an account on all the relevant platforms, so as to get updates on all platforms regarding the discounts that they offer. Quite a few times these discounts go up to 40% of what the actual price is. Make sure you keep upto date with that. Book your hotels to the best destinatons out there with TripHobo Hotels


6. Flight Search Engines

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All search engines are said to show inflated prices, in order to scoop a chunk from the airlines. There are quite a few search engines which give you the actual costs of the airlines though. To name a few, Skyscanner, Momondo, Cheapoair, Google Flights, Jet Radar, AirFare Watchdog etc. It must be noted that they don’t always show budget flights. For more refined search for cheap flight tickets go for the regional budget airlines. You could plan your trip route there, delete browsing history and then go book the flights on the official site.

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7. Pay in your own dime

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Pick out the best credit card for your transfer, in the sense that it is exempt from foreign transaction fees. This is vital as often the amount payable is less when paid for in some other currency. Though airlines would need you to pay for the flight in the currency of the country you are departing from, it could be fixed if you make the payment by card.

8. Explore your airline options

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Sometimes flying out from one airport and flying in through another airport have variation and differences in prices for the same airways and routes. You can thus pick your terminus accordingly. Be sure to know as to which airport you land onto so that you are not caught off guard at your destination.

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9. Go for overnight airlines

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Overnight airlines are usually cheaper and you’d be spared of the jet lag too as you’d reach your destination in the morning. You’d have to bear with a red eye though, that is if you don’t sleep on flights. Also, keep track of the airline and flight. Flights get cancelled and overhauled due to cloudy weather conditions etc. Though the concerned airline then shifts you to another flight, which is usually before your actual time of departure.

10. Go regional

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The sites mentioned above do not usually cover remote or lesser known areas. Commuting from the main city to that city then becomes tiresome and taxing. When flying to a lesser known place, check the local airlines to get a better deal and a direct halt to your destination. Also, while the search engines would show you the needed drop off flight, do go to the website to check out the fares and rates. Sometimes you get a better deal on the sites of the regional websites too. Also, if you are not in for the long haul, flying into a regional airport instead of an international one, pans out to be cheaper. For hassle free travelling, go for our travel planner.

11. Listen to your travel consultant

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If you are planning a long trip or one with multiple destinations, a travel retailer would be of some good help. Needless to say we can’t always vouch for it, but if you are in for a longer run, consulting a travel retailer could give you cheaper and more sorted deals.

It’s incredible how much we can save and preserve with just a few hacks and planning. Save a few bucks to treat your friends and family with gifts of kinds, once you are back from the journey.

For everyone likes a little extra!

Happy Journey!

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