HALLOWEEN - History, Facts and Much More

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Halloween is celebrated every on October 31, every year. It has its origin from the Samhain's Ancient Celtic Festival. People used to light bonfires are wear costumes to scare away the ghost or the spirits.

It was known by the name of All-Hallows Eve, which later became Halloween. Halloween evolved with time and turned into a day of fun events like trick-or-treating, festive gatherings, costume contests and more.


Halloween has its roots in the era of an ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Now known as Ireland, UK, and France, 2000-years-ago, the Celts used to live in these areas. They had commemoration on November 1 to mark the end of the summer (or the good times) and the beginning of a new dark age and cold winter. This time of the year was associated with the people's death, often.

Huge bonfires were built, to celebrate the event, which was considered sacred. The people burned their crops along with animals as sacrifices to the Celtic Gods, which in turn they believed protected them. The attire of the Celts was made of animal skin and heads which they wore during the celebration and then made attempts of fortune telling.

Eventually, there came a day of celebrating "All-Souls-Day" which was similar to Samhain. It featured prominent bonfires, costumes resemblance to saints, devils & angels, and Parades.

In the Celtic religion, the conventional night was named All-Hallows; which eventually turned into Halloween.


When immigrants came to America in the 2nd half of the 19th Century, Halloween became a Nationwide festival.


1. Halloween is also known by the other names; such as the feast of the dead, the day of the dead, Samhain; because of its history.

2. Halloween is the third biggest carnival after the New Year and Super Bowl Sunday.

2. In its correct way, Halloween is spelled as Hallowe'en.

3. With its history of 2000-year-old, Halloween is the oldest festival in the world.

4. Colors of Halloween are Orange and Black as they have prior connections to history.

5. Pumpkin carvings have set their World record in the Geniuses Book of World Records, in 2011.

6. Candy makers are always happy about it as their business grows two to three times the average.

7. You can find Halloween Carnivals outside America as well. UK and France are very well known for it.

8. If you are lucky to be in Mexico on Nov 1, don't forget to enjoy the "Day of the Dead" festival for adults and "Trick or Treat" candy festival for your younger ones.

9. New Orleans has the World Record of hosting Biggest Halloween Party with 17,777 costume contestants in one go.

10. You can find spooky foods in every authentic restaurant.


A list of special events at every Halloween-

1. Pumpkin Carving Festival

2. Viva La Vida Parade & Festival

3. Boo at the Zoo

4. Costume parties

5. Spooky train journeys

6. Haunted House visits

7. Food festivals

8. Parades

9. Trick or treat

10. Face paintings, music concert, dance, art & craft 

Halloween is a festival enjoyed by all age group people. It is the most awaited festival of the year After New Year. The cities turn fancy and spooky at the same time. It is an event for the Free Spirit people all around the globe. Try it out, if you haven't done it at all.

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