Halloween in Atlanta

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In the mid-1800s, Atlanta first came into existence. With its diverse culture, Atlanta has an entertainment base. World's largest Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, is also in Atlanta. Underground Atlanta, which is a six-block area, offers some of the best shops, nightclubs, and restaurants. Other main attractions are Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Atlanta also has a Centennial Olympic Park, where the 1996 Olympics were held.

The history of Atlanta Halloween dates back to 2,000 years. Spooky Origin of Halloween comes from an ancient Celtic festival for the dead called Samhain (or Summer’s End).

During late October, when the cold temperatures spin, life in Atlanta roars. From haunted houses to parades to horror movies, there are plenty of spooky things to try throughout metro Atlanta because of its Halloween season.


1. Atlanta Zoo Event

It is a gala event for the children of all age group and animals at the Zoo. Kids enjoy story characters meet & greet, music, train rides and more. You can watch animals feeding on Halloween treats.

Oh! Bring your Halloween costume. Admission to kids under three years is free.

2. Little Five Points Halloween Parade and Festival

It is all about artists' market, best food, and barrels of beer along with live street entertainment. The costume walkway occupies fairies, zombies and everything else. It attracts more than 35,000 people every year, and a right spot is always a hard find.

3. Pumpkin Festival

The Pumpkin Festival has a variety of offerings for kids like traditional carnival steer, a dance party and much more. With new spooky stories every night, the narrators escort families past the “Southern Ghosts Tour” which is lantern-lit, always.

4. Owl O Ween's Balloon Fest

You can enjoy spectacular views from a hot air balloon, hitched 2000ft above. If you prefer staying on turf, attend Kennesaw festival which features a costume contest, all concert stages, aerial acrobats and plenty of other things. There is always a lot to explore.

5. Trick-O-Treat

You might have a spirit attendee while Trick-or-Treating someone in this entire festival. Roaring fires, candy gobs, a costume contest, there are a lot of things to do in this festival.

Spooky Shows

1. Atlanta Serenbe Playhouse: Sleepy Hollow

 Serenbe Theatre production plays an essential role in scaring everyone here. The play completes with live horses and sight of headless horse riders. Are your little ones freaking out? Do not worry; there is a day option available for families as well.

2. The Ghastly Dreadful: Rising Spirits

Some things just can't stay dead. They will rise to tell their tales and sing melodies along with the puppets. This spectral gala festival has eight categories of puppetry. It is always encouraged to attend in a costume. People visit it on an annual basis.

3. Horror-Movie-Show by Out-front

It is popularly known as The Rocky's Horror-Movie-Show. It is performed by LGBTQ theatre company and is a classical musical staple. Grab your most stylish frock and enjoy alongside the live performances.

Big Twitch:

1. Netherworld Escape Rooms and Haunted House

Netherworld is the only two-story haunted house in metro Atlanta. It features two scare options- haunted house Primal Scream & Mr. Grendel’s 3D Funhouse of Horrors (Clown Themed). It is the best-haunted house in Atlanta Halloween. Netherworld's Creepy Clowns, Werewolves, and Zombies freak out more than 75,000 people every year.

2. Thirteen Haunted House Stories

USA Today rated it amongst Top Ten Spookiest Haunted House. The intensity of haunted house is very high. Before entering, it usually requires "sacrifice waiver" sign. It is only meant for the strong hearted people. You can experience an apocalypse of Zombies and might use your laser gun to kill them. It also features a "Clown Town."

3. Atlanta Horror Films

It is a festival celebrated by Independent filmmakers, where they showcase their most excellent works in the Horror category. The audience is made to watch the movies and then vote for the most jaw-dropping work. Filmmakers are, then, given an Audience Choice Award.

Fun Foods:

1. Ponce's Supper-South-Sunday

During this event, prominent Southern Chefs prepare dishes for the welfare of the various foundations. It is a themed supper. In the beginning, cocktail reception showcases many local principle chefs. 

2. Taste of Atlanta

It made its return last year with a new location and must-do foods, wine, beer, and cocktails. It is the best festival for eating and drinking. You can expect “taste points” from excellent restaurants.

Halloween Parties Atlanta

1. Day-of-Dead party

It is one of the most awaited Halloween party.

For this party, you can pick a date or grab your gang for a carnival-inspired from Mexico. It is celebrated with storytelling, crafts, authentic cuisines, music, entertainment and barrels of tequila. You can enjoy carnival games, stilt-walkers, day-of-dead decor, free popcorns and much more. There are spooky menus featuring items such as Bones of the Dead Cookies.

2. Saint's and Sinner's Ball

Saint's and Sinner's Ball festival features themed drinks, live music, and spooky surprises. Grab your most dramatic costume, and participate in the contest to win $1,000 prize.

3. Mummies and Mixers at Carol's Museum 

It offers a variety of music, special drinks, movies and mouth-watering flavoured dishes. There is an exclusive tour of the Ancient Egyptian gallery with mummies in it. Get ready to be Mummified!!

4. Costume Parade for your four-legged friend:

A real celebrity dog judges the exclusive event. There are flattering cocktails, themed music, a still auction, and a photo booth.

Never miss to attend (21+ Only):

5. Fright Night

The Fernbank's Museum of Natural History showcases Hallow’s Eve histrionics every year. It is not advisable to the ones having a fear of clowns. A themed costume night is perfect to enjoy creepy cocktails. 

The admissions are either online or on-the-spot. It is always favorable to enjoy the shows with beforehand confirmations.

In Atlanta, there is no scarcity of Halloween liveliness. From five years old to fifty years old, there is a lot for everyone. If Netherworld and Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade are not enough, then, there are other options to stimulate, stumble, and turns of Fright Fest at Six Flags which will undoubtedly petrify any visitor.

In Atlanta, you can find the perfect activity for your Halloween season, many times over.


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