Halloween in Austin

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History of Halloween dates back to the 2000-year-old civilizations. Every Halloween started with the spooky Ancient Celtic festival for the dead called Samhain (or Summer’s End). Since then, Halloween is celebrated every year worldwide with enhanced entertainment quality.

Just like New year, Halloween is a holiday which requires proper planning. The previous weekends get crowded with all the festivities.  Deciding a costume is the initial phase of Halloween, but it can get annoying, sometimes. For this purpose, local stored have got your back. The second step is finding a festival to showcase your spooky dress. The whole month of October is full of scary costumes, treats, entertainment and a lot of carnivals.


Austin Zoo Event

Guests are often motivated to wear costumes and enjoy the spooky train ride throughout the zoo and explore the animal exhibition. There are unlimited haunted house visits throughout the event.

1. Hush-hush Music Bash

This party is meant for everyone. Grab your friends, families and all your loved ones and enjoy the live music sensations while doing the trick or treat decor.

2. Pumpkin Carving Festival

Face paintings, music, dance, eateries, costumes, games, prizes, and pumpkin carvings are all happening at one place. It is one of the most lit fiestas.

3. The Bullock Museum's Spooktacular

Did you ever wish to be that video game's character and not just dress like one? Well, Spooktacular lets you do it. You can transform yourself into your favorite video character in this carnival, as it showcases the evolution of electronic gaming throughout the years. Every age group people can find something or the other for themselves. All you need is a foot in the zone. Enter, transform, enjoy.

4. Trunk-Or-Treat

It is an alternate to trick-or-treat. Local businesses and organizations bring a small truck and decorate it and pass candies to every other child passing so that children can have more fun without worrying about traffic and enjoy the carnival. It is, primarily, beneficial for children who are disabled.

5. Halloween Thinkery

Go Holloween thinkery style. Dress in your spookiest attire and learn to make weird sounds, face all spooky foods. It is a fun celebration for all as everyone enjoys collectively.  There are prizes in every game if you can complete each of them. The rewards make it more fun.

6. The Fall Fest

If you have a pre-schooler, The Fall Fest is THE carnival to visit. You can bring canned foods for donation. It features carnival games, music, fun, and entertainment.

7. Viva La Vida Parade and festival

Dressed as cultural icons, the parade features a gigantic Paper-mache. After the ceremony is over, there is dance, music, and food on the streets for people to enjoy.

8. Salado's Fright trail

This trail is for both young by heart and by age. You can take a walk along these spooky trails and watch chosen classic tale scenes from horror and fairy tales of Grimm which is re-enacted.

9. Pumpkin Steam Express

The express has a stop of 30 minutes where pumpkins are picked from the Bertman's Sleepy Town. Kids and adults enjoy having a conversation with the farmer present. You can enjoy sipping apple cider, and a stop at Historic Train Terminus.

10. The Zombie Ball

It is THE most exciting event in the entire carnival. It features parody and aerial acrobats. In the costume contest, the winners are crowned King and Queen of the Zombies. There are a few live performances as well.

Spooky Haunt

1. Torment House


Torment Haunted House is for the one who is a fan of Haunted Houses. In recent times, it has been voted as the no. 1 Haunted House in the American region. The experience of the journey through the house is bone-chilling. 

2. Halloween Carnival and Haunted House

Age categorizes all the costume contests, and there is one winner from each age group. The visits to haunted house are unlimited. The haunted houses are the spookiest, so soft-hearted people should avoid going there at all costs unless you don't want to freeze.

3. Hollow Scream

It consists of four bone-chilling haunted houses and experience of goosebumps. It is open until midnight. You can listen to scary screams all around you. It is a daunting encounter.


1. The Bass Pro

It is a vast outdoor bank of food, free kids activities, and photo shoots. In its Great Pumpkin Celebration, they feature a costume parade, trick-or-treat and few other events for keeping the entertainment quotient up. Participation hours may vary. Until the last bite of food supplies, costume parade participants get freebies.

2. Toll House Cafe by Nestle

Wear your best smile and topmost dress for the carnival to get a free chocolate chip cookie of regular size. The freebies are for both adults and kids. So, grab it as fast as you can!!

3. Lick's fall ice-cream

Our favorite fall treats are an inspiration to the Lick's ice-cream flavors. It's never too late to try any ice-cream. There are flavors which can tickle your tastebuds like apple caramel cake, hazel pumpkin pie and much more.

4. Fall drink list

The Fall Cocktails at drink.well will leave your heart in holiday essence with your mouth watering. You might not be aware of the brew sprinkles used in the cocktails. One cocktail, please!!

These are a few, but there are many options for food which you must go and try once in a lifetime. These festivals have a lively experience, and you feel refreshed from within.

The admissions are free; mostly, else you can get them there itself.

In Austin, Halloween is one of the prominent festivals. From five years old to fifty years old, there is a lot for everyone. Enjoy the Viva La Vida Parade and bring joy to life with its liveliness.

In Austin, you can find the perfect activity for your Halloween season, many times over.


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