Halloween in Baltimore

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Do you, sometimes, think that just food and contests have become too mainstream for a Halloween? Because not anymore.

Visit Baltimore. There are many music concerts organized every year with the various genre. From rock metal to soulful music, name it, and there you have. Baltimore Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals as it brings varieties to music more than any other thing.

Forget about Horror-movie marathon or the haunted house, live with music for a few days and experience life.

Baltimore has plenty to offer to range from rock concerts to a couple of weekend festivals; you have your back. Days of Darkness Fest, Halloween, Japandroids, Mute Math, Flogging Molly are to name a few.


1. Tour of Ghosts

Is there anyone? Do you listen to the sound? You will ask these questions when you hit the streets of Baltimore and learn more about its haunted hangout history. The tour starts at evening hours. The state capital has so much of spookiness that anyone visiting it can become curious and end up having a scary experience.

2. Haunted Valley

This carnival-themed trail is about 1.2-mile long walk into the woods of Harford County's Camp, where ghosts and zombies wait for their perfect meal. It might not be a wise decision of taking kids with you.

3. Westminster Hall Tour

This tour is more of a tradition as it dates back to more than a decade. Westminster Hall hosts an exclusive tour through its churches, burying lands and catacombs. There are a few famous poets who have been buried here. You can get a chance to visit their graves as well.

4. The Great Halloween Lantern Festival and Parade

Forget the evil spirits. Apart from the enthusiasm, which is commonly found here, this festival offers many other things. These things include live music, art and craft markets, authentic food loaded trucks, and a beer garden. There is a parade named rise or shine, in which every attendee is encouraged to wear costumes and participate.

5. Spookiest Science

The tickets to this festive are booked in advance as it is sold out as soon as the ticket desk opens. But people still can stop by for taking a glance at this beautiful family-friendly event. Attendees participate in the activities like demonstrations with mad scientists and making of glowing slime, to name a few.

6. Zooboo!! The Maryland Zoo

Enjoy animals having their special treats for the Halloween. There are activities for the kids like live music for entertainment, kids friendly food, games and much more. All you need to do is to run for fun.

7. Baltimore Biker's Party

Bike rides throughout the city for whole month fully embrace holidays. Riders sport eye-catching costumes as they ride around the town. The journey ends at the Halloween's After Party at a brewery.

8. Days of Darkness Festival

For metal music lovers, it is a perfect go. Metal and Halloween go hand in hand, here, in this festival. It features prominent bands like Rams Heads Live. Many bands are performing live for the lovely audience, and the energy is too high.

Daily passes or a two-day pass are available at the concert premise.

9. Comicfest Halloween

Geppi's Entertainment Museum takes on 'Stranger Things' theme for its Comicfest. It features many games with local entertainers, crafts, prizes and much more. Readers will get free comics and special editions in the shops. It is a book-friendly event.

10. Halloween Bash: Costume Party

This event features great food, barrels of drinks, and a live DJ. A photo booth is always ready to capture the unforgettable moments of this festival. There are fantastic prizes for the costume winners, and the first drink is always kept free. For the lovers of dance, toasts, costume; this is a perfect place to be.

11. The Haunted Pub Crawl

Do you like a pub crawl or a haunted house? Are you 21+ years old? If yes, please visit the location which has so many offerings. You can experience the best of the both of the worlds. Pub Crawl is a guide to explore various pubs through the Downtown area of the Baltimore. The maximum time to stay in a bar is of 30 minutes.

12. Pumpkin Carving Festival

Pumpkin Carving Festival is your destination to showcase the talent you have got. World of Beer hosts it. Participation is very easy as it only requires you to bring your pumpkin and participate in the sweep.

13.  Healthy Halloween

Central Maryland's Y are the hosts of this lively event. It features numerous games, art & craft, healthy snack and more!! Advance registration is a requirement of the event.


1. Hard Rock Cafe

During the Halloween Week, Hard Rock Cafe serves its limited drinks. The drinks are the spookiest and might feel like Zombie food for real. Along with cocktails, Cafe also serves limited weird dishes.

2. Power Plant Live

The bars in Power Plant Live host a "Stranger Things" themed party for everyone. The gates open during the evening hours and remain open until midnight. There are prizes for various contest up to $10000.

3.  The Elephant

It hosts parties with the costume as of the name. People visiting in Elephant costume receive a straight 10% off on all kinds of drinks and eateries. The winner of the contest gets $100 gift card.

Baltimore has plenty of offerings for people of every age group or people of every kind of interest.

This festival brings out the "Crazy you" part.

It is a festival of the spirits and free-spirited people.

In Baltimore, Halloween is amongst the prominent festivals. Ask for anything like a costume party, a haunted house, a music concert or a bike rally; you get everything.

You can find the perfect activity for your Halloween season, many times over.


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