Halloween In Birmingham

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
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Halloween is an annual festival celebrated in October, every year.

It is widely believed to have its roots in the Celtic Festival of Samhain, where doors were opened for the dead. It was practiced in the ancient civilizations.

In Modern day's Halloween, the things are more focussed on entertainment of every age group, especially, children taking part in it. From pumpkins to Zombies, Birmingham Halloween experience every take on the festival's spooky but positive vibes.

The music concerts are the most awaited events in the Halloween Carnivals.


1.The Great Pumpkin Patch Halloween

It has a variety of activities for children as well as for adults. Kids entertainment includes a costume contest, art & craft, games and more. Admissions are free, but some activities may be chargeable. 

2.Spookapalooza Open Weekend

It is an open weekend festival for all. Everyone can enjoy a variety of activities it has to offer. It includes trick or treating, games, storytelling and more.


The activities include games, storytelling and much more. All the events are family-friendly.

4.Fairyland Festival

Halloween fairyland festival is celebrated in the Tannehills. It is a non-scary fun event specially meant for kids. There are many trick-or-treat sites. This festival features a moonwalk, balloon animals, face paintings, bungee jumping and more. There is a train ride for an additional charge. The parks are decorated with bright and beautiful lights. The parks are surreal and creative. 

5.Trunk or Treat and Fall Festivals

As the name suggests, it includes kids friendly activities like carnival rides, inflatables, live music.

6.Pumpkin Patch Express

The express has a stop of 30 minutes where pumpkins are picked. Kids and adults enjoy having a conversation with the farmer present. You can come for pumpkins but should stay for trains. 

7.The Great Pumpkin Patch

It is one of the largest in Birmingham area and lives up to its name. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pumpkins. In addition to it, there are train rides, bungee jump and much more.

8.Bennette Farms

The farms are situated in the south of Birmingham, a little trip south is worth it. These farms have become a tradition to the Central Alabama families; when you will see their pumpkins things will be evident to you. Fromm the traditional medium orange to the giant size pumpkins, you will have an excessive amount to choose from, and this can make the front porch scariest.


1.Spooky Trails

Take part in the spooky trails around the Packwood House. Did you see something? Did your eyes saw the flash? Did you see a ghost? Find all the entertainment while looking out for a friendly spirit. You can take help from your four-legged friend in your quest.

2.Ghostly Gaslight

Join the annual Halloween festival and wander the streets, shops, and houses. These places will then be transformed into strange places filled with ghosts and monsters. Demons will love to see you in spooky costumes to feel more friendly. The building is decorated with lights, and fireworks are lighting the sky. A family-friendly dramatic scene will be created for more entertainment. Tell us what spooky encounters you had?

3Halloween Night

Pull up your socks for the ghostly night at the Black Country Living Museum. Prepare yourself for spooktacular events like fire juggling, street performers, magicians.  Bring along your treat bag for surprises inside Museum's houses and shops. Get your hands on the creepy display. Meet the spectacular birds of prey and enter the costume parade to win the best ghoul dress. Listen to spine-chilling stories by the candlelight and feel the chill. Try all strangest looking foods around and sense the thrill. 

4.Botanical Gardens

The festival has many games, crafts, nature trails and more to its offerings. Storytelling, face painting, and pond dipping are the significant activities carried out in the Botanical Gardens.

5.Wicked Workshop

If you are brave, follow our spooky trails and take part in the creepy craft activity and wear your most horrifying costume for the carnival. You can get a chance to win the crown for "most horrifying dress" in the event.

6.Dino Quest

Can you find the missing dinosaur? Are you able to understand the hints properly? How much can your family help? You better hurry-up. The "Mad Scientist" is also searching for its prey. Catch the dinosaur before he can.


1.Halloween Food-Fiesta

Heath King Village Square organises the food fiesta where you can find face paintings, horror games, food stalls, spooky cocktails & a bar, fancy dresses and scary people having pumpkin fun. People of all age group are welcomed in this festival. The arrangement of alcohol also showcases regionally brewed beer, cider, and ale. There is also an arrangement for live music entertainment.

2.Botanical Garden Halloween Feats

Birmingham gardens are illuminated to form a spooky appearance, for more fun, and for when it gets dark. There is a misty forest trail to explore secret pathways. Special events are organized for children as well. Mouth-watering street food is made available for all followed by fresh cakes, sweets, and desserts. If you desire to have a warm drink, finest rums and cocktails are served by the Rum Bar. Don’t forget to fetch your lantern and get dresses in your weird costumes. You will love the experience.

Birmingham has plenty of offerings for people of every age group or people of every kind of interest.

This festival is "Family-friendly" and brings out the madness.

It is a festival of the spirits and free-spirited people.

In Birmingham, Halloween is amongst the prominent festivals. Ask for anything like a costume party, a haunted house or a music concert; you get everything.

You can find the perfect activity for your Halloween season, many times over.