Halloween in Bristol

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Bristol is considered one of the best cities in the United Kingdom. A melting hotbed of culture, art, food, nightclubs, boats, art galleries. Surrounded by hills, it is also a beautiful and charming city. If one goes for a few kilometers out of the city, there are beautiful beaches. Halloween in Bristol combines all the diverse elements of Bristol and offers exciting events for people of all ages. From family-friendly zoos and farms to tours of historic buildings and museums, to creepy live escape games. Halloween in Bristol is an experience not to be missed. 

Halloween Events for Children

1. Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo invites young children to have a great time at the Zoo’s Halloween Half Term festival. The festival is being inspired by Mexican festival known as the ‘Day of the Dead’. Children can enjoy a variety of activities like – Creepy Creature Encounters, Crafts, Spooky Storytime, Kuki’s Haunted Trail, Halloween Parade, Mask Making, in the company of friendly and cute animals. Children can also spend time listening the keepers at the daily animal talk and feed time, enjoy Halloween goodies in The Hide restaurant café. The entry fee for kids is only £5 entry. You can visit the website for more details.

2. Noah's Ark Farm

Noah’s Ark Farm is an excellent place for your children to enjoy the Pumpkin Fest. There are many activities like pumpkin painting and decorating. Keepers use the idea of Halloween to provide stimulating and enriching activities to their animals. Themed treats are presented and hidden in pumpkins. Children can enjoy watching animals using the specially carved pumpkins as they work to get their food from inside. Watch as the gibbons use their long arms to probe the pumpkins to search for their food, even the Tigers look for their meat in pumpkins! 

In addition to this, there daily fun events like the Animal Show, Bird of Prey Flying Display, story trail around the zoo, art and craft, make-your-own story characters. 

3. Wild Place Halloween Spooktacular, Wild Place Project

‘Wild Place Project’, is celebrating the Wild Place Project Halloween Spooktacular. Children get to meet a witch, who has her home in the woods of the Wild Place. She will sing songs, tell exciting stories of magic and mystery. One can explore the witch’s house by following the spell-binding Barefoot Trail. Children get to make their potions and leave the recipes outside the door. They can visit magical creatures’ enclosures in Webb’s Brake and see if they can spot them hiding in the shadows. Halloween treats will be available in the Courtyard Café. 

Halloween Events for Children and Adults

1. Deep Defense, Bristol Aquarium

Bristol Aquarium is a spectacular place in the Bristol harborside area showcasing amazing tropical, marine and freshwater creatures from all around the world. Halloween in the aquarium will be a special event, with spooky after-hours torchlit tours. It will be family- friendly, of course. Discover all that is lurking in the deep, dark depths of the world’s oceans. For the brave and slightly older children (15 years and over), there is the Terrifying Torchlit Tours. Pre-booking for this event is essential. 

2. Blaise Castle House Museum

A great family-friendly place to enjoy Halloween. The Blaise Castle House Museum offers an entire day of Halloween-centric fun and activities. Put on your sinister Halloween dress and visit the place. You will get to explore the wonderful collections and exhibitions of costumes, toys, and household items. Drop in to enjoy a family Halloween theme-centric fun filled time at this House Museum and walk around to admire their lovely collections, exhibitions, participate in craft activities like creating your mask, go through a scary-fairy door trail, pumpkin trail through the house and gardens. There will be hidden Halloween surprises throughout the museum. 

Suitable for children aged 3-10 years with accompanying an adult. 

Halloween Events for Adults Only

1. Hell In A Cell

Hell in a Cell is a live escape game held in the historic underground prison cells of Bristol’s Old Crown Courts. Those who have experienced it, call it a cross between The Crystal Maze and the movies Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw & Hostel. Well, what better way than to enjoy the eerie spirit of Halloween. The team takes visitors through the deep, eerie depths of the underground. You will need nerves to work out your escape path. 

2. Bristol Zombie Walk

Now in its 10th year, this huge zombie walk starts from College Green. Get dressed in your most terrifying and hell-raising zombie attire to take part in the walk. Drag your heels and scare the hell out of tourists along a carefully planned route. Once you have had your fill of scarifying, head towards the after-event party at The Full Moon in Stoke’s Croft. There will be live DJs in the party, such as the legendary Smith & Mighty, playing variety of music like dub, jungle sounds, breakbeat. If you wish to buy tickets in advance, you can buy these from the Bristol Ticket Shop.

3. Cubana Halloween Special

One of the finest clubs in Bristol, Lakota organizes this great Halloween party. Dress up in your creepiest Halloween get-up and head over to one of the landmark venues in Stoke’s Croft for a night you will not forget. Lakota has five different rooms for playing different kinds of music like drum, disco, bass, club classics. Great line of DJs and added attraction of ghostly performers who will take the party to a different level. Head out to the courtyard and enjoy the massive bonfires and devilish fire breathers. 

4. Haunted and Hidden Walking Tours

Join an exciting and informative tour of old Bristol and its haunted buildings, which includes a 16th century church presumably haunted by the spirit of a monk, a Coaching Inn (one of the oldest), once visited by Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell and a 17th century pub, haunted by spirits. Your tour guide will tell you ghostly tales of the dwarf highwayman, take you to the Bristol’s famous haunted cinema. The tour will take you to sites that feature in many TV series and films like ‘Starter for 10’, ‘Being Human’, ‘The Medusa Touch’.


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