Halloween in Edinburgh

It is true that Halloween is pretty far away and writing this article will not make sense to most people, but those who love this festival and have a desire to pre-book tickets and collect passes way before the others to avoid unwanted and unnecessary hassle at the last moment will surely love this piece of work! You will see a range of events that will suit almost everyone and in addition to that, from this list, you will be able to pick the spots you plan to crash. Take a look at some of the spookiest and most terrifying places to visits this Halloween in Edinburgh!

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1. Teviot House of Horrors 

By choosing to go to the Teviot House of Horrors, you will get a chance to spend the hallow-evening classically. Every year, the Teviot gets transformed into a horrifying and spooky haunted house featuring jungle themes, a wide variety of live music and clown mazes. Last year, they offered people a chance to spend their Halloween with the Marcel from Blazin’ Squad who was placed on the deck of the lost enchanted island a.k.a. Debating hall.  

2. Edinburgh Dungeons 

It was impossible to leave out this great place from this list as Edinburgh Dungeons have Halloween all the 365 days of the year. If you hold the desire to visit a place that has a mix of some historical education and tons of gruesome horror, you will get to enjoy a fully immersive experience of being a part of the interesting witch hunt. In addition to that, the visitors will get a chance to meet Maggie Dickson and the famous duo of Burke and Hare. 

3. The Ghost Bus 

Dive deep into the spooky and horrifying history of Edinburgh by taking a tour ride on the most entertaining and popular bus service in Edinburgh. You will get to visit the spookiest and most terrifying locations in Edinburgh and will get a chance to make contacts with soul-tearing restless spirits. The whole trip on the Ghost Bus will last nearly an hour, and you will get to embark on a journey to attractive and historically rich areas of Edinburgh which will include the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. On participating in this ride of The Ghost Bus, you will also get to learn the bloody executions and unthinkable truths from the past that occurred in Edinburgh.  

4. Edinburgh Horror Festival 

This event will possibly run for approximately a week and rest assured; it will offer everyone a chance to find the scary-cat within them, no matter how courageous and ardent a person is. The Edinburgh Horror Festival will be a multi-art-form event, and it will incorporate magic interactive events, theater and much more! The best thing about the Edinburgh Horror Festival is that it will be located all over Edinburgh, so one can check out the nearest venue of this event and join the entertaining ride.

5. Halloween Trail at the Royal Botanic Gardens

The Halloween Trail organized at the Royal Botanic Garden will be a great Halloween event to attend this Halloween if there are kids in one’s family. The garden has suffered a small disaster, and the participants using the provided map and prints on the ground will have to navigate their way around the garden in order to solve the puzzle. Don’t be disappointed as dads can join in this fun game too.

6. Escape reality 

Though the event Escape Reality is quite new as compared to the other events listed here, if you have decided to attend this event, then you should suit up for some unforgettable Edinburgh Halloween fun. Last year, in the communal area, Escape Reality organized a crime scene puzzle in order to test the participants for their teamwork and team commitment. The best thing about the Escape Reality event is that the featured game is free and you can enter and compete for bagging the winning prize without any fee. You will also be getting bonus points for showing up at the event in a Halloween costume. 

7. Samhuinn Fire Festival

If you have a desire to feel the Halloween spirit and enjoy this great holiday by not investing time and money on dressing up as a witch, ghoul, or zombie, then the best alternative for you is the Samhuinn Fire Festival. Just get drunk and enjoy the various programs and events at the Samhuinn Fire Festival! The huge procession of lights, music, acrobats, and fire-dancing isn’t only entertaining but is also jaw-dropping. This incredibly large display is organized in order to celebrate the Celtic New Year in order to welcome the new season.    

8. Edinburgh Elrow Halloween Haunted House 

Elrow Haunted House is a well-renowned name all over the world and is popular for its immersive production. They entered the Halloween festival scene last year. The Elrow Haunted House will open its doors to another world, unleashing bloodied beasts, spooky specters, the strangest and scariest creatures and ghastly ghouls. This place will keep everyone inside the house on their toes with the help of stilt walker, street theatre, and interactive performers. Behind every creaking door of this Halloween haunted house, one will find the scariest surprises. Join this freakish event and spend this Halloween in Elrow style!

9. Seven Deadly Sins at Why Not Nightclub 

Last year, the Why Not Nightclub organized the Seven Deadly Sins Halloween event. This year too, they will be trying their best to beat their last year record and will witness huge waves of zombies and ghouls lurking all around the club. They haven’t announced a date for this year’s Halloween celebration yet but be on the lookout to grab the chance to spend a wonderful and unforgettable night at the Why Not Nightclub!


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