Halloween in Germany

Image Source: wikimedia.commons

Halloween is the spooky festival celebrated at the end of October where everyone dresses up in scary costumes and enjoy with their friends or family. Halloween is not a traditional festival of Germany. It was originally brought to the land by the American soldiers in the post War (The World War II) era. However, the Germans have taken to this festival quite cheerfully. In the modern world, Halloween has spread to almost all occidental countries and Germany is one of the countries where it is celebrated with much enthusiasm.

The popularity of Halloween in Germany is largely due to the influence of American consumerism. Many organisations in Germany have quickly picked up the hype and used it to expand their business. The Special Carnival group of the German Association for Toy Industry was greatly affected in 1991 due to the cancellation of the Carnival due to the Gulf War. Thus, to make up for the loss, the company started promoting Halloween in 1994 until it became a national sensation by 2004. Today Halloween is the third largest consumer festival for the German candy industries after Christmas and Easter.

Halloween has become one of the most popular festivals in Germany for both kids and elders. Although trick-or-treating is mostly confined in the metropolitan cities, but the ghoulish parties are popular all over the country. You can visit departmental stores in order to buy Halloween supplies or visit candy stores to satiate your sweet tooth with some ghoulish candies. Apart from all these there are certain events and traditions associated with Halloween in Germany. Some of them are as listed as below:


Wearing ghoulish costumes is one of the age-old traditions of Halloween. Germany does justice to that. During Halloween, almost all stores on the streets of Germany are stuffed with ghoulish costumes. People buy these costumes and dress up like ghosts on the Halloween night. It can be noticed that the Halloween costumes in Germany are scarier than in other countries. This might be due to the fact that the Germans have many other festivals like Fasching or St. Martinstag where they get to dress up in such costumes.


Trick-or-treating is not as popular in Germany as in other countries. It is essentially a tradition of Halloween where children visit their neighbours dressed as ghosts and get rewarded with candies. The trick-or treat custom is more popular in the German cities that the country-sides. This custom may have been marred in many places due to the St. Martinstag festival being just around the corner where there is a similar custom.


The haunted castle in Germany is one of the favourite haunts of hard-core Halloween fanatics. It is a 1000 year old fortress ruin in Darmstadt that materializes the spooky spirit of Halloween and offers it to you in a not-so-silver-platter.


The pumpkin festival is like a harbinger of Halloween in Germany. It is essentially a festival where people carve pumpkins and put them in front of their doors. It is celebrated in mid-October and is a weekend of enjoyment with friends and family. Not only is the pumpkin festival a quiet festival by the fireplace but also adorned by a pompous Halloween parade.


Reformationstag is a traditional festival of Germany that is also celebrated on 31st October. This festival is observed to commemorate Martin Luther’s launch of the Reformation. In order to save this age-old festival from being overshadowed by the relatively modern Halloween, the Luther-Bonbon candies were invented.

Thus, Halloween in Germany has become quite a sensation. You can enjoy all the traditional customs of Halloween in the festive air of Germany. Although a North-American tradition, Germany has adorned itself well in the festivities of Halloween.


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