Halloween in Glasgow

There is a good amount of time in Halloween, and you will definitely not be seeing pumpkins and won’t be invited for any costume parties for the next 4 to 5 months. But rest assured, everyone in Glasgow will be having lots of fun in this year’s Halloween. This year, Glasgow will be witnessing numerous spooky and freaky events, and in addition to that, there will be lots of events organized for children too. So, it can be said that families in the west of Scotland and across Glasgow will not have any shortage of fun with many places to enjoy Halloween. Finding the right events right before Halloween might get confusing and the lack of tickets can make anyone’s Halloween dull. Glasgow is surely not popular for its haunted places, but you should know that this place has tons of Halloween in Glasgow events that will make you stand on your toes. We have compiled a list of the best Halloween events Glasgow that you should be aware of so that you don’t miss out on the unlimited fun that Glasgow offers every year.

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The following list also contains some popular local Halloween events for children.

1. Drive-in Frights organized at The Riverside Museum

This is an amazing event that you can enjoy with your family, friends and special one. This event will feature some popular horror movies and will surely live up to its expectations, as this event was a big hit last year. You will be able to enjoy all other treats that one could expect at the cinema that too right inside your car. Well, if you are planning to attend this event and enjoy some of the best horror movies, then we would suggest you to keep checking for tickets and get tickets for the movies. Another important point that you should know is that each movie is treated as a separate event, so if you have a desire to watch more than one movie then you will have to buy tickets for all the movies that you would love to watch.    

2. The Dog Disco 

The Dog Disco is a fun-laden event that is organized for man’s loyal friend. Your canine friend will be the star of the event and will be the one who will get to dress-up and feel the Halloween spirit. Last year at this event they offered bobbing for bones, trick or treats and a prize for the pooch dressed up in the best costume. The best thing about this event is that you won’t have to pay any entry fees. However, you can decide to help the local dog shelters and charities by donating money to the organizers. If you love your dog then just get along with this event and witness how spooky they can be.  

3. Eden Mill gin cocktails and Pumpkin Carving

This was one of the most interesting and unique events that had a lot to offer to the people who loved gin and craving pumpkin. This event was hosted by Little Botanica, on the South Side, and everyone who visited and attended the event fall in love with Halloween even more. Just wish that they choose to organize a similar event this year too. If they do, then you will get to enjoy carving pumpkin, no need to worry you will be getting a pre-scooped pumpkin and in addition to that, you will also get required tools for completing your masterpiece. You might also get lucky and get to enjoy all of Eden Mill’s Mixology project gin cocktails. They use their own small batch of gins to give you a chance to treat your taste buds. Be on a lookout for tickets for this event.

4. Glasgow Horror Festival 

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy Halloween and get into the Halloween spirit by experiencing the two days and nights horror that too in the setting of the fabulous Classic Grand? If you are a true horror aficionado, then this event is for you. This event offers horror merchandises, comics, stalls, and art, where you will find all kind of spooky and scary things. At the event, they will also be featuring some of the best international horror films which will include feature films as well as short films. At the event, there are areas that you can use for relaxing, and for chatting with other fans of the horror genre.

5. Halloween Ghost Walk

This event is ideal for people who are new in Glasgow as this event gives participants a scary and spooky trip down the memory lane. You can find out more about the Glasgow’s dark past that involves executions, ghosts, witchcraft and the plague. You should know that this will be a walking event. Therefore, you must dress accordingly and for getting into the Halloween spirit consider wearing a costume.    

6. Hard Rock Café – The Lil Monsters Ball

Last year this place organized “Lil Monsters Ball,” though they haven’t announced their Halloween theme for this year, but we are pretty excited about it. There are few things that we can say for sure, and that includes that this event with features breakfast sessions for the little devils, will also have Halloween themed settings along with buffet-style breakfast, and competitions and games. Keep a sharp eye for the tickets of this event.  

7. Day of the Dead Glesga 

Saint Luke brought this bone-chilling and unforgettable event into the picture last year. Though we aren’t sure whether this year they will be trying to recreate the spirit of the famous Mexican Carnival or will choose some other theme, but we can say for sure that you will be spending your life’s unique evening after joining the event organized by Saint Luke. Some of the things that will be featured in the event include live DJs, theatre, dance, live music, cocktails, street food and more!



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