Halloween in Honolulu

For sure you must be waiting for the month of Halloween eagerly, and the trick that we applied was the simple fact that you are on this page in search of the best ways to spend Halloween in Honolulu. For sure Halloween and you have the distance of five months in-between, but you shouldn’t get disappointed as Honolulu has got all the right ingredients for making your Halloween unforgettable, spooky and terrifying. Although Halloween will end for a day only, but this doesn’t mean that one cannot party like a poltergeist all month long. Although not many event organizers, pubs, and cafes have given out any details regarding the Honolulu Halloween events for this year, but the events organized a year before might give you a rough idea about the different Halloween events in Honolulu. In order to guide you and give you some idea about events whose tickets might land in the market very soon, we have rounded up some of the best Honolulu’s scariest and soul-tearing Halloween events. 

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1. Hitchcocktober – Consolidated Theaters 

What is the best you can do on Halloween that will make this Honolulu Halloween event successful for you and will make you contented? The answer to this question is watching some of the famous international horror movies with the loved ones. Well, if you are planning to watch some horror movies on this year’s Halloween, then you should keep a close eye on the Consolidated Theaters. Last year Consolidated Theaters showed special screenings of some popular movies such as Notorious, Psycho, Rebecca, Vertigo, and North by Northwest. They haven’t announced the name of the movies that they will be featuring for their event this year, but one thing is sure, and that is special screenings of the selected movies will be throughout October.  

2. Ghouls ‘N’ Gamblin’

Do you have a thing for dressing up in the best costume and transforming yourself into a zombie, ghost, ghoul, or demon? If the answer to this question is a yes then you must keep an eye open to buy the ticket to the Elite Parking Foundation’s casino night where you will have a chance to a good amount of money. The reward for the best costume for the costume contest last year was $500 and a trip to Las Vegas for two. With the huge crowd, great drinks and casino this event is a must visit Halloween event of Honolulu.   

3. Art After Dark: Kings and Queens 

The Honolulu Museum of Art organized the Art After Dark event last year. This event was like a magnet for all the scream kings and queens of horror. Though there is still secrecy regarding the theme for this year’s Halloween, however, there are few things that you will get to enjoy this year too. Some of the things that will be featured in this event will include spooky sound from popular DJs, availability of great cocktails and there will also be a costume contest. So start looking for the right costume in order to maximize your chances of winning the costume contest. 

4. Halloween at the Hyatt

What would you say after seeing a place filled with your favorite superheroes? Well, we guess it will be praises and a disturbing amount of excitement. What if we told you that you could join Justice League or Avengers for a night? This place will offer you a chance to wear your favorite superhero costume and enjoy a night full of tricks and treats. Either you can participate in the Halloween costume contest on your own, or you can gather your squad and compete with other teams and players to win up to $2000. Last year there was also an official after party and the venue was The District Nightclub.   

5. Hallowbaloo 

“Hallowbaloo” is one of the most famous street festivals. Though we haven’t got the date on which this street festival will commence but there is one that can be said for sure, and that is the historic downtown, and the Chinatown arts district of Honolulu will turn into one massive celebration for Halloween. The event will have craft beer, music, art, entertainment, and food. It is true that last year’s celebration was the biggest Halloween street festival. We are expecting that this year the size and participation of this event will increase exponentially. This event will feature food trucks, craft beer experience, music, and entertainment. You will also have the chance to win the costume contest and bag easy thousand bucks. One of the main attractions of this event is it's after party. This event will feature eight clubs for after party and the best part is that it will have just one cover charge.

6. Rock the Block Halloween Spooktacular

What’s not to like about this event? It has got Pinup girls, zombies, and classic cars. We assure you that we dig it and in addition to that give you guarantee that you will enjoy every single second while being a part of this event. Just put on the right costume in order to get the Halloween spirit and come down to the Rock the Block Halloween event. The Rock the block Halloween event cum party will feature street vendors, gruesome zombies, classic cars and bikes, live music, pretty dames and food trucks.

7. Spooktacular Twilight Tours at the Honolulu Zoo      

For sure you might think that zoos might not be great places to visit in order to celebrate Halloween. However, you will be surprised to know that the Honolulu zoo is quite spectacular and the special arrangements and spooky decorations leave no stone unturned to give you a terrifying experience. You can join guided tours and hear creepy stories revolving around the zoo and also learn some eerie animal facts. There is one thing that we can say for sure, and that is this guided tour might be a little bit scary for the little ones.


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