Halloween in Liverpool

  • UPDATED Sep 07, 2018

Have you ever spent your Halloween in Liverpool? If you haven’t then you should know that Halloween in Liverpool is considered to be a legendary affair, as the streets of Liverpool are lined with witches, ghouls, ghost, zombies and some of the most frightening events that hold the potential to make your Halloween in Liverpool unforgettable. Halloween in Liverpool looks to be getting bigger and better with each passing year, and we can assure you that this year the Halloween celebrations will leave everyone speechless. You can expect a lot of fun and frights to enjoy around Liverpool this autumn. You will get a chance to experience the popularity of Halloween, and all the fun things that you will get to do in Liverpool will make you crave for more. It is true that there is a bit delay in the arrival of the spookiest night, but you should be aware of the important and famous events beforehand in order to target the best events without wasting your valuable time. Have a look at the list of spookiest things to take part in around all Hallows Eve.

Image Source: pixabay.com

1. Farmaggedon 

Since its inception, Farmaggedon has been one of the most popular Halloween events in Liverpool. The horror experience of this event will be serving three scare houses namely - The Meat Locker, Contagion, and Terror on the Farm. If have a desire to reenact a scene from the TV series The Walking Dead then you can enjoy shooting spooky zombies in the popular Zombie Outlaw Paintball game at this event. 

2. Halloween Lantern Parade 

The popular and attractive Sefton Park Halloween event will be back this year too probably in a new location. Though they haven’t released any information regarding the event till now but after witnessing the large crowd at the Halloween Lantern Parade, one thing is sure that participation in this event will surely be immense. By participating in this lantern parade, you will get a chance to view illuminated skeletons, ghosts, and similar frightful beasts. Last year this event was organized by Bare Bones Tours plc, and we expect that they will try their best to keep things interesting this year too. 

3. Wake the Dead Halloween Parade 

Liverpool is soon going to be taken over by spooky dystopian creatures, and the reason for this takeover is the Voodoo Ball and Wake the Dead Parade. The carnival of the dead will be led by drum troupe and will turn the whole Liverpool upside-down in the wake of the conquering of Liverpool. The best thing about this parade is that anyone can be part of this parade and in addition to that the spectacle of the parade will be free to the public.  

4. Halloween cinema 

What better way is there than to celebrate Halloween by watching a famous movie at one of the most historic buildings of the city? Well, there isn’t, and this is the reason we have included this event on our list. You will be able to enjoy one of the most popular horror movies at one of the most historic buildings of the city – Grand Central Hall on Renshaw Street. This historic building was a Methodist Church in the past and the best thing about this place is that it retains almost all of its original features. The interesting thing related to the historic building is that it is also famous for being haunted. 

5. Spooky Train Rides 

There are only a few things that can be categorized as things that are spookier than a ghost train ride. You should know that this Halloween you can enjoy a ride on the ghost train and to everyone’s surprise there are plenty of ghost train rides available in Liverpool. If you have kids in your family and they love trick or treating and steam trains, then they will surely love a trip on an excellent spooky train. Be ready by taking out your fancy costumes and be back in the ghoulish spirit.  

6. Pumpkin Patches

Carving pumpkin over the Halloween period is kind of one of the most traditional ritual, and still, people all around the globe go out looking for a pumpkin to carve with their family and friends. Picking up the pumpkin to carve on your own gives immense satisfaction. Pumpkin patches in few months will open all across the region for you to parade around in order to find the right pumpkin to carve. Some of the pumpkin patches you should consider visiting includes Churchview Farm, Claremont Farm, and pumpkin alley located at Poplar Farm.  

7. Chamber of Terror 

The Chamber of Terror event will feature a terrifying maze which will lead the participants through a labyrinth of ghost and demons. This event promises to be the stuff which will give you nightmares. This event will have tormenting themed rooms, petrifying creatures, and creepy corridors. 

8. Ghoulies Haunted House

The Ghoulies haunted house had arranged a great event for adults last year, though we didn’t make it to the event last year. But as per the reviews of others who did visit the haunted house brought in Liverpool by the team who two years back brought the Awakening Pure Evil terror to Liverpool in one of the disused dock warehouses. The Ghoulies haunted house will feature Hollywood quality characters and the latest animatronics for offering a thrilling experience to visitors this year. You should expect some unforgettable horrifying characters to chase them for letting them to some spooky dark corridors.  

9. The Enchantment of Chester Zoo   

The Enchantment of Chester two will be back for its third year in Liverpool. The event organized will be full of music, adventures, discovery, and acrobatics. This fun family event will not only entertain you and your little ones but in addition to that, it will also focus on making kids at the event learn about their favorite animals.