Halloween in London

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Spending Halloween in London can be an excellent experience for a person visiting London for the first time as this very place has got long and bloody history and this is the reason because of which there is no shortage of ghosts and hauntings in London. There are plenty of opportunities available in London that can help one get into the Halloween spirit. One can either choose to witness gruesome festive treats or can visit haunted places, cemeteries, and pubs. 

One of the most notorious and spookiest places in the London is none other than the famous Tower of London Halloween where people have seen ghosts of tortured and executed prisoners, ghosts of the two wives of Henry VIII was quite frequently there. There are tins of spooky spots such as the London Dungeon, Brompton Cemetery, the abandoned underground railway stations, Kensal Green cemetery and the haunted gallery of the Hampton Court Palace. All the spots mentioned above aren’t suitable for faint-hearted. One can also enjoy Halloween by participating in one of the various Halloween themed entertainment and parties offered across the pubs, museums, parks and other establishments of the London city. Have a look at some of the best Halloween events of London that one should consider visiting this year.

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1. Silent Halloween Disco Boat 

Venue: The Dutch Master, Tower Millennium Pier, Next to Tower of London 

The Dutch Master boat will take the interested people on an unimaginable and memorable trip that will be coupled with spooky silent disco. To see London’s most incredible and breathtaking sights that too on the Thames can be a great experience. The Dutch Master is a two-story party boat that will give the people on board it a chance to enjoy a night full of drinking and dancing, and in addition to all this, there will be a spooky twist that will fill one with Halloween spirit. 

One can party whole night with his or her friends dressed in a zombie or some other freaky dress. At the Silent Disco, the DJ will be whipping the crowd of crazy undead visitors with dance floor killers and party anthems. The best part of this Silent Disco Halloween party is that one will be free to choose from the hardcore house and disco classic to some great Halloween hits. One can select the right channel, and this very freedom ensures that everyone onboard shows some serious action on the dance floor. The Dutch Master boat also features bar on each deck. It is one of the Halloween parties in London.  

2. The Candlelight Club 

Venue: Secret Location 

The Candlelight Club will be bringing the days of prohibition America once again back to life and in addition to that things will also get some spooky twist for delivering the best experience to the visitors. Not many know about the Candelit Club as it is a secret bar, but the most astonishing thing about this club is that a lot of Londoners also aren’t aware of its existence. This secret bar offers Londoners a brilliant and unforgettable way to spend their hallowed weekend. The Candleit Club venue will be decorated beautifully with the creepy antiques, some haunting props, and numerous jack-o-lanterns. Availability of plenty of Halloween themed cocktail and presence of a band with a zombie swing will be enough to make anyone’s Halloween special. Inside the Candleit Club, you will be able to relax, sit back and enjoy your Halloween in the 1920s London.  

3. Minister of Sound Halloween Rave 2k18

Venue: Ministry of Sound in London 

Halloween, the day of the dead, is the day when spirits are out in the world and evil is all around in the air. This is for sure the craziest, scariest, terrifying and loudest night of the year. This is the reason because of which Minister of Sound decided to throw the most haunting and gruesome party of this century and the name of that arty is none other than the world famous “Minister of Sound Halloween Rave.” There is no doubt in the fact that the Minister of Sound Halloween Rave party is one of a kind party and there is nothing in this world like this, so one should be beware about this party and should keep oneself ready to expect the unexpected in this party. 

The party of the year will feature bleeding LED walls, ghostly CO2 canons, gruesome lasers, synchronized murder visuals, world’s loudest and best brain blowing sound system, zombie dancers, grim riper freebees, vicious and dangerous trick and treat giveaways and last but not the least the horror décor that will bring the feel of pits of hell right in the middle of London in a rave party. The rave party night will host ten deadly DJs who will be playing rib-cage shattering music for 2000 members across four horror filled arenas and that too till 5 am. What are you waiting for? Go get your tickets before it is sold out.

4. Zombie S.W.A.T Training

Venue: Bunker 51 London 

Zombie S.W.A.T Training isn’t a special Halloween event, but for sure one will love being the part of this great zombie-themed event. The reason because of which this event was included in this list was because of the storyline of the zombie-themed event. For sure everyone will agree that the storyline of this event somehow seems like it was designed for being a Halloween event only. 

The players of this game will be recruited by the covert branch of the military as S.W.A.T trainees, because of the rumors of the rise of the living dead in the London is circulating. The players will be part of a special Weapons Attack team, and all will be trained in weaponry designed specially to fight the zombies. 

Zombie S.W.A.T Training is a fun loaded 3.5-hour immersive experience, where players will get to learn and train in three different kinds of weaponry to tackle zombie horde. Be prepared to mobilize and end the undead horde before they escape the bunker and threaten the civilization.

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