Halloween in Los Angeles

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Are you thinking about making plans for the most important holiday of the year – we’re talking about Halloween? If you are then by doing this, you are taking the right path as things won’t be so easy in the ever busy and sprawling Los Angeles. Los Angeles literally is the capital of the world when it comes to Halloween events and celebrations. You will have a wide variety of options in events this year there will be heart-stopping scars as well as family-friendly events. Read our guide to some of the best Halloween events in Los Angeles for celebrating a memorable Halloween. Take it as a disclaimer, as many of the sites or events mentioned down below are great if you want to bring your family, but there are some that can make you stand on your toes. Therefore, use caution and do a bit research before bringing small children to the events. Without any delay learn the perfect way to spend a memorable Halloween in Los Angeles.  

1. Halloween Horror Nights at the famous Universal Studios Hollywood

Every year Universal Studios hosts one of the most famous and scariest Halloween events in Los Analyses. This year too they will be hosting their famous “Halloween Horror Nights,” and we are excited about this event. This legendary studio will turn no stone unturned in making their Halloween event memorable and full excitement this year too. You can expect to see the best special effects, makeup, music, general ambiance and set décor. You’ll fall in love with the terrifying mazes, spooky performances and all other things that you will witness in the back lots of universal city. We would suggest you do not bring children to this event. 

2. Dark Harbor at “The Queen Mary”

Many of you might not know that the Queen Mary Vessel that is docked in Long Beach, CA is considered to be haunted. The Halloween will be a great time to visit this vessel and feel some dark force or witness paranormal activities with your family and friends. Get aboard the eerie ship and find about the popular legends that haunt this spooky ship year around. You will also get to enjoy the spooky mazes, costumed performance and more Halloween fun and excitement on the nearby situated docks. This event is recommended for adults only. 

3. Knott’s Scary Farm 

The name of this place might look cute, but you shouldn’t be deceived. During Halloween, the local favorite place Knott’s Berry Farm transforms into this alternate version. This event can be classified as a traditional event as it’s been going on for over 40 years. If you are new in Los Angeles, then you would be surprised that this event is a month-long event and during this period the whole farm transformed into a spooky giant Halloween party. This transformed farm will be featuring hunted mazes, hundreds of costumed spooky monsters roaming throughout the park, themed performances and more, which will give you the chance to enjoy the pretty terrifying fun. The evening events will be ideal for adults only; if you are looking for events for young ones, then you will have to reach here during daytime.    

4. The Dungeon of Doom 

This additional offering to people of Los Angeles from the Hollywood inspired fall exhibits will help you witness your worst nightmares from the popular movies. You will get to feel a burst of fear and thrill and it will be your favorite horror movie come to life. This place will make nightmares true from iconic Hollywood horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Silence of the lambs, Child’s Play and more!

Walk through the spooky dungeon setup and see props and artifacts from several amazing featured films, and we would suggest you to try your level best steer clear and be safe from Freddy Krueger and company. 

5. Fright Fest at the Six Flags Magic Mountain 

Nowhere is Halloween celebrated the way like Size Flags. This is the reason because of which one should make sure to crash at the Six Flags Magic Mountain this Halloween. At this annual fright fest, you will get to enjoy the thrill by day and will feel the chills by night. All your favorite rides will be transformed to deliver horrifying new experiences, and you will also get to witness the unique monster performances, and Halloween shows that will have gruesome makeup and scary special effects. Take your kids during the day for giving them a chance to enjoy the Halloween themed crafts and Trick or Treat Trail and return with adults for experiencing the real fun at night.   

6. Harvest Festival and Corn Maze 

The Harvest Festival and Corn Maze is a family-friendly festival event that can be visited on the weekends as well as during the week. Walk through the beautiful pumpkin patch, get aboard the tractor led train ride, and explore the beautiful corm maze. This event or place is the best place to visit with family, and we assure you that your kids will appreciate your decision to visits this beautiful and a little bit spooky place. On the weekends you will get to enjoy face painting, pony rides, live entertainment, and a cute little petting zoo.  

7. Boo at the Zoo 

If you have a desire to spend some quality and fang-tastic Halloween experience in Los Angeles, then we would suggest you to head straight to “Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.” Boo at the Zoo event will feature spooky shows, crafts, activates, special animal feeding which also includes “Fearsome Feedings” so parental discretion will be advised for this specific program. The Halloween bash at the zoo will offer daily activates such as “Animals & Boo” encounters, spooky photo opps, the Nocturnal Adventure maze with some other additional activates to take part in weekends throughout the Halloween month.  


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