Halloween in Louisville

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Everyone knows that Louisville is quite popular and is historically haunted, so it isn’t a surprise that people in Louisville take Halloween celebration pretty seriously. It is a great spot for Halloween celebration lovers as this place has a lot to offer. There are plenty of trick or treats to gather, scares to had, but the most important thing about Louisville is that it has tons of opportunities available for getting into the Halloween spirit. In the Louisville region, you will find tons of Halloween events and attractions suitable for all ages. Louisville area offers a wide variety of Halloween attractions and events for the Halloween season. This article has been written for Halloween lovers to spend Halloween in Louisville who have a desire to spend their Halloween enjoying Halloween parties Louisville KY, as this very article includes a list of some of the most popular and terrifying Halloween events in Louisville which will be hosted this year. 

1. Louisville Zombie Walk

Venue: Corner of Easter Pkwy and Bardstown Rd 

In the Louisville zombie walk event, thousands of people dressed as a zombie will drag their rotting corpse down the street in order to reach the Highland Taproon as a party will be waiting for them there. The best thing about this event is its participation, last year an astonishing number of 35,000 zombies participated in this event and this year participation, as well as excitement for this event, will break all records. The best thing about this event is that it is free. Interested participants will not have to spend a single penny on tickets. This neat haunted Halloween event of Louisville will feature Louisville Halloween parade, live music at the zombie bash and event will also include Zombie Costume contest.  

2. Fandom Fest 

Venue: Omni Downtown Louisville 

The fandom fest is one of the most popular Halloween events in the Louisville area, but it is organized a bit early. It will not be wrong to say that the Fandom Fest is Louisville’s comic and Sci-fi film convention. The best thing about this event is that a number of horror movie stars attend this fest and one can even ask for autographs from them. This event is a big to-do festival in the area, and over the few years, the participation has grown immensely. 

At the event, numerous great programming and fun events are offered, all of them revolving around sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. One will get to enjoy numerous events and programs such as computer & console gaming, auctions, costumed fandom groups, art show and artist alley, workshops, panel discussions, vendors with great collectibles and other similar items, video & anime screenings, and LARP/RPG gaming. This event also includes a nude body painting competition. 

3. Danger Run 

Venue: Starts at Dixie Hwy, Veterans Pkwy or Hurstbourne Pkwy

Danger Run is way more than a simple Halloween event. Danger run is the perfect event to get into Halloween spirit. One can have thrilling and exciting Halloween experience in Louisville simply by participating in Danger Run which includes two haunted houses. A participant will have to start the adventure or quest from one of starting locations and after he/she will have to solve the provided clues in order to reach to the two haunted houses. This event will get your heart thumping and blood pumping, and at the end, you will wish for more!

4. Days of the Dead 

Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 830 Philips Ln, Louisville 

“Days of the Dead” is a brand-new horror convention in Louisville. This convention or Halloween event is a must-visit event for all the horror movie fans. This convention offers the participants to meet their favorite horror movie stars, get their autographs and shop from the horror booths. This year in the “Days of the Dead” horror convention will feature stars from popular horror movies such as Exorcist, Friday the 13th, Candyman and more! 

5. Louisville Halloween Parade and Festival

Venue: Baxter Avenue, Louisville  

If one is in Louisville and have been looking for the right Halloween season celebration event to join this year, then he/she should join Louisville Halloween Parade and Festival. The Louisville parade and Festival have all the right ingredients that will make anyone fall in love with this event. Surprisingly the year 2018 will be the 16th year of this Halloween parade along the Baxter Ave and Bardstown Road. The Halloween festival will start from the Baxter Ave to Bardstown Rd to Hepburn, and the festival will feature live entertainment throughout the day, craft booths and various other fun events that participants will love and enjoy. The best thing about the Louisville Halloween Parade and Festival is that the admission to this festival is FREE!

6. Derby of the Dead 

Venue: Waterfront Park, Louisville 

“Derby of the dead” is the official contest for zombie costumes organized by the Zombie Walk in Louisville. It isn’t surprising that the zombie costume contest is and has been one of the most famous traditions that has been ongoing for surprisingly as much time as the Louisville Zombie Walk. This time around, things are going to be way more exciting than earlier as this time, Louisville Halloween is making this event free of cost to enter in order to make it more exciting by increasing the participation for the overall benefit of the event. 

The interested candidates will simply have to visit the Louisville Halloween costume contest tent. After that, all the participants will get their pictures clicked and shared for the entire world to witness their craftiness. After taking all the entries, the Louisville Zombie Walk will select the best zombie costume for the individual categories, and the names of the contest winners will be announced on the stage. The “Derby of Dead” will be the best event organized by the Louisville Zombie Walk. This event will also have some great entertainments such as Nulydedz – the Zombie Rockabilly Band, zombie makeup demonstration, gaming area, chow wagon and more.    

Different categories of the zombie costume contest include 

  • Best Child Zombie
  • Hottest Zombie
  • Best Zombie Couple 
  • Funniest Zombie 
  • Scariest Zombie  

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