Halloween In Miami

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
Image Source: pixabay.com

Miami is a traveler’s paradise. With the beautiful beaches, wildlife and the best food, there is no better place for people to spend their vacations than here at any time of the year. No matter how old you are, this port city has something to offer everyone. However, if you happen to visit Miami on Halloween, prepare to be blown away by the numerous attractions, and Miami-styled Halloween celebrations! From the parties on the beach to trick or treating, you will be spoiled for choices! A few annual events take place every Halloween in Miami for kids as well as adults that should not be missed. Here are a few things that you and your family can do on Halloween this year in Miami! 

Halloween Events for The Kids

1. Knock! Knock! At the Jungle Island

Halloween is the most fun for kids. Hence, the most famous zoological park in Miami, Jungle Island, organizes the Knock! Knock! Event. On every Halloween, kids can experience this quirky event that is filled with jungle trick-or-treating, exciting animal shows, arts & crafts experiences and much more. Children can wear Halloween costumes and participate in the fashion shows.

Admission - The admission of children is free, and they have to be accompanied by the paying adult. The date for the event can be looked up at the Jungle Island website before Halloween.

2. Zoo Boo, At the Miami Zoo

Miami zoo is home to some of the most interesting animals and birds. So, celebrating Halloween in the Miami Zoo will be one of the best experiences any child can have. Every Halloween in Miami, children dress up in costumes and trick or treat around the zoo. There are numerous events and fancy-dress competitions. The most significant attraction is watching the animals that get special treats and are more than happy to dig into them. 

Admission - The families with children 12 years or younger can participate in the events. The zoo admission charges apply for entry of the child and the family. 

3. The Miami Children’s Museum Halloween Celebrations

Another great place for the children to spend Halloween in Miami is the Miami Children’s Museum. The Halloween event lasts for about a month and includes interesting activities such as the haunted house, trick-or-treat, science experiments and art projects. Children can come in their costumes and be a part of the celebrations at any time throughout the event.

Admission - Different tickets have to be bought for each event from the museum or the museum website. Age restrictions are also applied for the participation in some activities during the Halloween in Miami event.

Halloween Events for Kids and Adults

1. Howl-O-Ween at The Miami Pinecrest Gardens

The Howl-O-Ween event is an event for kids as well as adults. During the day, you can find several kid-friendly activities such as fairs, face painting competitions, costume contests and much more. The best attraction of them all is the dog fashion show. However, as the day ends, the event turns into something different. After 8 p.m., the party of the adults begins where people dressed up in costumes can celebrate their own Halloween in Miami. 

Admission - The tickets can be purchased at the event itself.

Halloween Events Exclusively for Adults

1. Nightmare on The Beach on The Miami Beach

Every year on the South Beach of Miami, the Nightmare on the Beach party takes place. Each year, there is a different theme, and people wear costumes. There are food, live music and an open bar for all the adults. The best part is that the funds collected from the party go to the Little Lighthouse Foundations. Since the tickets are on the higher end, this is an exclusive annual event.

Admission - Entry is given to the adults above 21 years of age. The tickets can cost anywhere around $182.

2. Live Halloween Costume Parade at The Lincoln Road

 The Halloween Costume Parade at the Lincoln Road, Miami Beach is one of the best costume parades you would ever have witnessed in your life. From scary zombies to pop culture personalities, people dress up in the skimpiest clothing possible and join the parade. 

Admission - The entry to the parade is free of cost and can be attended by adults 21 years or older of age.

3. Playboy Halloween Parties

Playboy parties are the best parties in the world and Halloween in Miami would not be complete without one. Hosted by the girls from the Playboy Mansion, the party has everything that you can hope for - music, dance, and drinks. Additionally, you might even get some interesting surprises by the end of the night. Each year, the party has a different theme. 

Admission - The tickets can be bought online and can range anywhere from $0 to $50.

4. Halloween Yacht Party

Halloween in Miami demands an excellent yacht party and every year; The South Beach Lady sets sail in the waters for a kickass Halloween event. You can expect mind-blowing performances from some of the biggest names in the music industry and tons of fun. There is music, food, drinks, and fun on each deck. This will be your one-of-a-kind Halloween experience. 

Admission – Only the adults (21+) are given entry, and the tickets can be bought online. 

5. The House of Horror

If you want some real scare, visit the House of Horror and get the best haunted house experience of your life! The House of Horror Carnival takes place every year, and with each year, you can see new additions that make it even more interesting and scary. As their instructions read, opt for this experience only if you are ready to be scared to your bones because, with the 1455 Asylum and the Freak Emporium, you will have the experience of your life! There is also a live circus show and lots of fun for you to enjoy your Halloween in Miami.

Admission - People over the age of 21 are allowed entry. The tickets start at $10 and can be bought at their official websites. The dates of the event are also announced prior to Halloween. 

In addition to these events, there are many other attractive activities that take place on Halloween in Miami. Every small or big club has its own Halloween party for people and you will be able to attend lots of beach events at the Miami Beach. The fun and festivities start three to four days before Halloween i.e. 31st of October and last till the Halloween night.