Halloween in Oklahoma City

Autumn is the time of the year that gives a kick start to the festive season. The very first festival that people in Oklahoma City celebrate with utmost joy is Halloween. Halloween in Oklahoma City involves pumpkins, scary costumes, great decorations and lots of fun. Oklahoma City is the biggest city of in the Oklahoma district and has the most population. Every person in the city comes together to celebrate this festival. You will see decorations all over the place and people walking around in crazy costumes.

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There are many events that you can attend in Oklahoma City during Halloween, and they are:

Halloween in Oklahoma City for Kids

1. Brick or Treat

 This is a trick-or-treat event that takes place in the Bricktown. The kids dress up in their best Halloween costumes and walk around the area trick or treating. Every participating kid should be in a costume. The event also involves fun activities such as pumpkin painting and much more. Different trick or treating events are held at various locations in the city. The date of each event is decided by the locality, and the people are informed before the event.

Admission- The entry is free for the children below the age of 14 years. The older children are not allowed to participate in the event. Also, it is mandatory to wear costumes.

2. Oklahoma Railway Museum Train Rides

The Oklahoma Railway Museum takes the kids on a ride every Halloween. There is a special event that involves a train ride across the Oklahoma Railway Museum. The kids put on their Halloween costumes and hop on the train to enjoy the journey. The smaller kids have to be accompanied by a guardian. 

Admission- The charges for the train ride are mentioned on the website, and the tickets can be bought online as well as at the venue.

3. Pumpkinville 

Pumpkinville is a Halloween celebration at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. This is a fest that lasts for over 15 days and has various activities for the children. Your children can enjoy things such as games, crafts, storytelling and many more fun activities. The event starts in the morning and ends in the evening. 

Admission- The admission fee is $6, and the tickets can be bought online as well as at the venue.

4. Haunt The Zoo

Every year, the Oklahoma City Zoo organizes a Halloween event. The event has many fun activities planned for the children of all ages. There are trick or treat booths, Live DJ, ghost trains and much more. You will also see the zoo animals in the festive spirit, eating some of their favorite treats. This is one of the most common places the parents take their children to on Halloween in Oklahoma City.

Admission- The zoo entrée fee applies to all the people.

5. The Haunted Houses 

There are lots of Haunted Houses across Oklahoma City. However, only some of them allow the children to enter with a guardian or a parent. You can check out the list of these haunted houses and give your children a thrilling experience. Make sure they are ready for the adventure.

Admission- Different haunted houses have different ticket rates.

6. The Day Of The Dead Festival

The Day of the Dead festival is one of the most famous Halloween festivals in Oklahoma City. The festival is crafted for the kids as well as the adults. Rides, food, fashion shows are some of the things that your kids might enjoy in the festival. For the adults also there is music, food, and drinks. This is one of the biggest and the most colorful festival in Oklahoma City. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in his or her best costumes. Each year there are many fashion competitions, and the winners take home lots of prizes.

Admission- The entry to the festival is free of cost. You have to pay for food and the activities.

7. Rustic Acres

Rustic Acres has the best Corn Maze games for both adults and children every Halloween. Every year there is a new addition to their charm and every year they keep getting better. The participants have to find clues in order to get out of the confusing maze. 

Admission- Admission fee applies for both adults and children.

Halloween in Oklahoma City for Adults

1. Haunt The River Cruise

A haunted river cruise is something you should definitely add to your list of Halloween activities in Oklahoma. This cruise party has everything from great food to costumes and music. There is a bar available on every floor. There are live DJ and some genuinely spooky Halloween drinks. You can easily get on the cruise if you have a reservation.

Admission- The admission is reservation based, and the entry fee is $35 per person.

2. The Haunted Houses and Attractions 

As already said, there are over a dozen haunted houses in Oklahoma City, and each one has their own specialty. Some of the most famous ones are The 13th World, The Asylum, Dead Woods Haunted Forests and much more. You can also join the troops on a haunted walk to the spookiest places in the city and explore the dark and unheard mysteries of Oklahoma City. 

Admission- The entry fee to every attraction or event differs. You can get the information from the websites.

3. The Ghost Tours

If you want to get a little more adventurous and discover the ghosts in the Town, you should add the Ghost Tours to your list. Many places in Oklahoma City are haunted, and you can join these tours to explore all these places in the night. Some of the most famous Ghost Tours are- Ghost Tours with Jeff Provine, Guthrie Ghost Walk, Muskogee’s Haunted History Tours and much more.

Halloween in Oklahoma City is a fun-filled festival where all the festive activities start a week before the actual day of Halloween. Every restaurant, bar or club has some or the other Halloween related decorations or attractions for the customers. There are many activities for the kids and their families. Visiting Oklahoma City during Halloween is the best experience anyone can have.


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