Halloween in Philadelphia

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

Philadelphia is the most historic city in the United States of America. People of Philadelphia always value their traditions and celebrate all the holidays in the best way possible. Halloween in Philadelphia is one of the best-celebrated festivals where the whole city comes to life. You will find music, food, parades and unlimited fun on the streets of Philadelphia during this holiday. If you plan to visit Philadelphia in the fall and are staying for the Halloween celebration, here are a few things you can do:

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Halloween in Philadelphia for Kids

1. Boo At The Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo has something special for the Kids every Halloween. The kids dress up as different characters on Halloween and participate in various activities such as trick or treat, art and craft and much more. The zoo is all decorated to match the theme of Halloween, and the most attractive parts are the zoo animals that are made a part of this event. The animals receive their special treats just like the kids and are more than happy to dig into them.

2. Harvest Festival

The harvest festival is another annual festival that takes place during Halloween in Philadelphia. The festival allows all the kids and their families to indulge in some lip-smacking food that is made from the organic fruits and vegetables. You will find all kinds of foods including donuts and candies. Additionally, there is live music, hayrides, pumpkin patch and much more for the people of Philadelphia.

3. Halloween Spooktacular

The Halloween Spooktacular takes place in the Sesame Palace where the kids can enjoy different activities with their parents and friends. Two mazes with different themes are created for the kids to play. There is also a fashion show where the participants are judged on the best costume. The parents are also encouraged to dress up in their best Halloween costume to maintain the spirit of the festival.

4. The Pumpkin Fest

The South Street pumpkin fest is another event where the kids can enjoy Halloween in Philadelphia. Activities such as horse and wagon hayrides, circus performances, maze, live music and much more are organized. Additionally, there is a face painting booth where people can get makeup done to actually look like a character from a horror movie. The kids under the age of 12 can also indulge in trick or treat.

Halloween in Philadelphia for Adults

1. Terror Behind The Wall

Terror Behind the Walls has been rated the best haunted house in the country. You will find some really scary looking characters that will send chills down your spine. There are six attractions inside the house, and each one is as terrifying as the other one. There is a cast of 200 members who are prepared to scare you and your friends. This is not a place for  faint-hearted people.

2. Gravedigger’s Ball

The Gravedigger’s Ball is one of traditional Halloween events that take place at the Laurel Hill Cemetery. This is an annual charity ball that involves food, dancing, music and much more. You could come in a costume or just the formals; it is always fun to be a part of all the Halloween activities at the ball. There is also a costume contest that takes place during the ball, and the winner takes home prizes.

Admission- The tickets to the ball are available online, and all the details are mentioned on the website before the event.

3. Ghost Tours

Halloween in the city calls for a ghost tour, and you will be spoilt for choices when you try to pick the best one for you. These ghost tours take place in haunted buildings, forests and also the graveyard. You can expect to hear some ghost stories, serial killer stories and much more. Some of the best ghost tours are Grim Philly’s Ghost tour, Bates Motel Tour, The Ghost Tour of Philadelphia and the Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour.

4. Fright Factory

If you want to visit an actual haunted location, Fright Factory is the one for you. It has been featured in many shows and is no doubt one of the spookiest places in the world. It is a warehouse where you can see the subterranean laboratory, undercroft cemetery, hunted asylum and much more. Be prepared to be scared.

5. Rosenbach Museum Halloween Celebration

The Rosenbach Museum also has a lot of Halloween activities for the people of Philadelphia. You can explore the Frankenstein and Dracula exhibits, indulge in weird experimentations and other activities. The guests are given refreshments during their visit as a compliment from the museum. The guests are asked to wear their finest costumes for the fashion show that takes place in the museum. The winner takes home some exciting prizes.

6. Witchcraft Beer Crawl

The Witchcraft Beer Crawl is for all the partygoers. This is an annual event that takes place only on Halloween. There is a limit of 500 people on the guest list, so it is better you make your reservations earlier. You will be served with some of the finest seasonal craft beer. There are a total of 17 bars in this crawl so that you will be spoilt for choice. There is a $6.66 entry ticket that will give you a $4 craft beer ticket, Witch CRAFT stamp and a witches hat.

7. Halloween Parades

What is Halloween without a parade? Three parades take place every year, namely; Spruce Hill Halloween Tot Parade, Fairmount Halloween Parade and the Phoenixville Halloween Parade. Each of these have their unique themes, but one common thing amongst them is the fun you will have by attending them.

Apart from all of this, there are numerous Halloween parties organized at various locations in Philadelphia. You can book yourself a seat at the most famous clubs or restaurants and enjoy their offerings during this festival. Families with children are also spoilt for choices when it comes to Halloween.